7 Mobile Apps That Can Help You Save Time at Work

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There’s a lot to be said for efficiency. When the menial tasks are out of the way and you can focus on what matters, work is not only more productive but also more enjoyable. One way to save time at work is to take advantage of the plethora of mobile apps designed to make things more streamlined and to take care of tasks that they’re designed to do. If you aren’t using apps to make your workday better, try some out and see what you can do with the extra time you save. Apps are just one way you can improve workplace productivity and get better results from your time at the office.


According to Appointy, 55 percent of customer bookings are made outside of business hours. This means that people you are planning to meet with might want to schedule things when you aren’t at your desk — and more importantly, that people don’t need direct contact to schedule appointments. With Appointy, you have a way for people to sign up for appointments with you. Even if you don’t have a website, you can use the app which provides a free subdomain with any paid plan. There’s a free plan if you’re working as a small business and plans that cost money if you’re trying to manage multiple locations or have a large staff.


Backing things up is essential and usually only takes a second to click “Save”. If, however, you’re interested in saving your work in a cloud storage environment that keeps it safe even if your computer crashes, it takes a bit longer. Dropbox takes care of backing up for you. There’s a Dropbox for business that offers more space than the standard app and lets multiple users access the service. It also offers things like domain insight and tiered administrator roles. Each plan has a different price depending on how many people you need to use the application.


It’s easy to get sidetracked and lose what it is that you wanted to look at it. With Pocket, you can save things from the Internet to read later. This a great way to catch up on news that affects your industry when you don’t have an internet connection. It downloads the things you save automatically so that you don’t need to be in the office to read them. This means that you can put the task where it belongs — reading during a commute, for example — and not let interesting things that catch your eye eat up your time. It’s also a good way to keep track of things in your field even when you don’t have enough time to sit and browse the news at your desk.


Hashtags can be the key to building an audience online. Sometimes, though, there are hashtags in communities that you aren’t aware of that would help you find a larger following. Focalmark is designed to help you find those hashtags and use them so that you can share images without having to come up with a whole set of hashtags on your own. You can also use it to get some analytics information about what’s popular and why.


If This Then That is a program that lets you connect different events, apps, profiles, and items together. For example, it can send a thank you to a new person who follows you on Twitter and automatically let them know that you appreciate their choice. You can also make it so that when you tweet a picture, it posts to other social media accounts. It’s a very open program with a lot of options to explore. Since it can automate menial tasks, it can save you significant time. If someone inputs information into web forms you’ve set up, for example, you can get a notification so that you know to make use of the client data.


With ClickMeeting, you can run meetings from anywhere and on any device. That means that even when you’re out of the office, you can view a meeting, present, stream video, and watch what’s happening at the office. You save a lot of time when you aren’t glued to a conference room table. Not only can you keep working during a meeting, but you can tune in from anywhere. You can also use the tools in the app to determine how the meeting went and how you can improve performance and participation in the future.


Sometimes working together is the best way to deal with issues quickly, efficiently, and satisfactorily. With freshdesk, you can create a team inbox that lets you all check support tickets so that everyone on the team is aware of what’s going on. You can also create deadlines, set up canned responses to common problems, perform actions automatically with one click, and prioritize each ticket that comes in. You can also collaborate with people in different locations and work to fix tasks together so that even if you aren’t sure what to do, help is only a few seconds away.

Using apps to make your day more efficient is a great way to make use of your mobile devices. You can streamline many tasks that would otherwise eat up the time you have to work simply by downloading an app, setting it up, and letting it take care of the menial stuff for you. Whether it’s responding to customer issues, automating social media posts, or attending meetings remotely, there’s an app that can take care of it for you.

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