The Automotive Industry as 100 Cars

What if the entire American automotive industry was represented by only 100 cars? Imagine taking all the car-buying trends of 2014 and turning them into something we can see at a glance. What do you think the most popular makes, models and colors would be? Take a guess, then see how you compare to the info below. Type of Vehicle ...

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How to Make Your Fuel Go Further

Let’s face it, getting around on four wheels isn’t cheap these days. As well as the cost of buying a car in the first place, you’ve got to shell out for insurance, tax, servicing, repairs and fuel. However, as long as you’re savvy, there are ways to save cash. By following these simple tips and checking out Money Advice Service ...

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Audi’s Progressive People Campaign [Sponsored Video]

Audi – the German automobile giant might as well be included in a dictionary definition of the word “progressive”. From surpassing their own standards with the introduction of 100% galvanised bodyshells, their LED signature daytime running lights to the new multimedia interface, the company has made immense progress and is now looking for people who have done the same with ...

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Stand Out On The Road With Perforated Window Vinyl


There are many ways to personalize your vehicle after purchase. These days, you see the same vehicles on the roads. They can all start to look the same and no one wants to be just another of the same in the crowd. You want to stand out and be unique. You want to have the car on the road that ...

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An Overview of the Fiat Doblo

  The Fiat Doblo is a van as well as a leisure activity vehicle that is produced by Fiat. It was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2000 and has seen some modifications over the years to make it the impressive panel van that is available today. The Fiat Doblo is available in a variety of sizes in order ...

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Zombie-Proof Bike

This Zombie-Proof Bike, by UK insurance company ETA, includes all of the essentials for barreling through and surviving a zombie wave.

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