The Task of Finding the Best Dealership

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When the time comes for you to add a new car to the household, you need to locate a dealership that you feel you can always trust, rely on, and be comfortable giving your business to. This long-term relationship is especially important for those who will have servicing to the car done at the same dealership they purchased it from. The very best car dealers work very hard to assure life-long customers are gleaned through every single step of the car buying process. From the first minute the customer comes to the lot to inquire, to years of servicing the vehicle, very important impressions are made right from the beginning.

Where do Things Sit Currently?

Before the existence of the internet, many customers felt that they were at the mercy of the dealer. The dealer seemed to have all the advantages, and the customer knew that a large amount of money was going to potentially change hands. It seemed like about the only thing the consumer had going for them was how much their friends and family paid for their last purchase. For decades, this state of affairs was used by many dealers to take advantage of buyers, in both the realms of sales and future service. A few bad dealers contributed to the notion that all dealers wanted to use dishonest practices to hurt the consumer.

The good news is that a majority of car dealers practice good business, and have worked hard to overcome the negative image that they have acquired. Since word about people who have had bad experiences usually travels quickly, it can be easy to separate the dishonest dealers from the ones who will strive to have positive and long-term business. We will highlight some fine points here that can help you in your attempt to locate a dealer who has both of your best interests in mind.

Read Dealer Reviews: there are many honest reviews from customers in the same boat as you, and they can provide a clear snapshot of quality and intent. If you have done business with any particular dealership, writing a review yourself helps many others during their purchasing journey.

Gauging Longevity: Selling Langley cars can be a very demanding business, and many dealers don’t last long. The safest way to go about your purchasing business is usually to purchase from someone who has existed in your area for a number of years.

Condition of Facilities: How much attention a dealership pays to the shape of their facility says a lot about the quality of service they offer. It doesn’t matter if you are at a CarMax or a Lincoln dealer, look around closely when you first arrive, and see just how everything appears. Pay attention to issues like if the facilities are clean, in good repair, and generally kept in order. Take mental note of attributes such as professional dress for employees, and if the cars on the lot are constantly clean.

Customer Service: One important thing to really pay attention to is how you are treated while navigating through the dealership. The rule of thumb is that if you feel you are not generally being respected, it’s wise to turn tail quick! How a dealership treats you in the beginning is most likely how they will treat you in the long run.

JD Powers: J.D. Powers and Associates maintains Customer Satisfaction Index as well as Sales Satisfaction Index studies that provide a detailed overview of purchase satisfaction levels. Ranked by manufacturer, the readily available data measures salesperson awareness, paperwork and finance, overall dealership experience, and delivery process using a 1 to 5 scale.

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