Schmoozing – A New Dealership Must For Today’s Car Buyer


There are two ways to look at what the internet has done for car buyers. First, it has allowed dealerships to reach a wider audience than those in their locale. The other way is to see the internet as something that has created competition in the market, making dealerships work harder.

The way that you see the internet and your dealership sales will most likely determine how you will weather the storm going forward. If you want to win in the new age of dealership sales, you have to take on a business plan of “schmoozing the consumer”. Since you can only do so much with price and your bottom line, you have to win them over with your charm and dedication to customer service.

Surrey car dealerships used to be the only gig in town. Buyers would have to put up with all that came from a dealership. Long lines, only being open limited hours, and not putting out the bells and whistles, were all tolerated by the consumer because that was all that was available.

There was nowhere to go if you didn’t like it. That is not the case in today’s auto buying industry. The internet has made it tougher for someone to survive on the merits of the cars that they have available. If consumers don’t like your attitude, or what you are offering, all they have to do is go home and hop online.

The key to capturing the consumer is to examine the way that your dealership operates and break down any points that are unpleasant for your customers. Not only looking at how you can hire the right amount of individuals at the right time to deal with the influx, but you also have to look at ways to keep customers engaged when influx demands make it necessary to wait.

All those things that are necessarily going to take time, because there is no way to avoid it, have the potential to be filled with entertaining activities if you are creative enough. Consumers will be appreciative that you put the extra effort out to make the car buying experience less arduous for them.

It is always going to be a long process to buy a car. With all the paperwork and documents that need to be completed, there is just no way to get around it. By making things accessible during those long wait times, like interactive entertainment, things for the kids to play with, and other exciting time captivators, you are going to make the experience more pleasurable. You are also going to ensure that you are not only building repeat customers but that they are going to be your best advertising with their word of mouth.

Take your business apart

What is more frustrating than having to repeat yourself over and over? Nothing. That is why, if you want to make the consumer happy, you have to have a system in place for every scenario. If a customer comes in looking for something specific, you shouldn’t have them going down the line, like Dorothy trying to find the wizard. There should be systems in place to cover whatever customer scenario can arise.

Having people allocated to deal with particular things will make the entire process much more pleasing. How do you do that? Common sense rules. Go through your own previous car buying experiences and think about the things that made you upset, frustrated you, or that you just didn’t like about it. By using practical solutions, you can undo all those things that put a kink into your own car purchases in the past.

Spend the money to make money

Any smart business owner knows that sometimes you have to spend money to make money. There are so many reliable and cool integration systems out there to make, not only your employee’s lives easier but to make your dealership run more smoothly, they are well worth their cost. If you want to excel, you have to reinvest in your business. That means staying on top of new integration technology that allows everyone to have the information they need at the touch of their fingers.

Do your homework

After you have identified your own scenarios to overcome, make sure to keep up with consumer trends. By understanding what your consumers want you can best match their needs. That involves doing your homework. Car buyers are fickle and go with the ebb and flow of the industry. It is important for you to do so as well if you want to succeed against the competition.

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