Make the Right Choice of a Moving Company

The modern market of logistics offers a wide variety of service options when it comes to moving agencies; however, not all of them deserve your trust and money. Before you make an application and start cooperation with one of the firms, you should carefully study all the information about the company in order not to get messed up and eventually remain unhappy with the provided services

Moving company

Nowadays, each moving company, such as, has its own Internet resource, which contains information on the services provided, price lists, and news telling about the achievements of this company. For more extensive information gathering, you should check specialized catalogs containing information about a particular service provider. But the most important point which should be undoubtedly checked are reviews about the professionalism level of companies and real customers’ feedback.

After you are sure that you can entrust your belongings to the company based on the information received on the Internet, you should call this company and communicate with the manager who will supervise your order. During this process, you should pay attention to the employee’s knowledge of the company work, the speed of his reaction, and the lack of doubt in his voice.

Criteria to Check

A few important nuances that you should pay attention to in a telephone conversation with an employee of a moving company:

  • Is it possible to quickly estimate the cost of the transportation? This information gives an approximate idea of ​​the total amount of your expenses, based on which you make a comparison to other representatives of this market;
  • What services are included in the final cost of the transportation? Thus, you will know that you can expect from the carrier;
  • How will the payment be made? Is any prepayment required? Is it necessary to provide cash on the spot after the works are performed? Do you have to go to the office and give money to the cashier? Most companies prefer cashless transfers.
  • Is it possible the initial cost of moving will increase? Truly professional companies do not overcharge their customers.
  • Who performs the transportation? Does the company cooperate with regular workers or hires them for every project? Is there any professional training for the staff?
  • What packaging material does the company use? What is the quality of it?
  • What transport do they use? Are there any specially equipped vehicles?
  • Will the company impose any penalties in the event of the order cancellation or postponement to another date if you warn them about it in advance? Although the risk of the postponement is minimal, you should still discuss it with the service provider.
  • Does the company insure the transported objects? What is the size of this insurance? How is it calculated? How can one apply for insurance?
  • Can the company share any useful recommendations for its carrying out high-quality transportation and saving time for it on both sides? If the company cannot provide you with the reference, it’s better to select a different carrier.


Prevent all extra expenses, damages, and delays associated with the move by asking the above questions. Do not be shy to ask. Otherwise, you risk overpaying!

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