How to Take Care of the Car’s Battery

Car battery

The duration of the battery’s operation depends directly on the timely maintenance and proper care. The battery is a mini-plant for the production and supplying of electrical energy. The battery of your bmw x or audi should be maintained properly.

Modern models of batteries for cars can be divided into 2 categories:

1. Maintenance-free batteries.

These are batteries that do not require the addition of electrolyte and control its level throughout the period of use.

Actually all maintenance-free batteries have a special gas vent valve and therefore can be periodically recharged. It is the gas outlet valve that serves to remove excess gases from the battery to prevent its damage.

Today, these batteries are taking the dominant position in the market. It is profitable for the manufacturer to produce them.

2. Serviced batteries.

These- are batteries with special plugs to check the electrolyte level, its refilling and density control. With proper maintenance, batteries of this type can be used for a long period of time.


Nowadays, mostly maintenance-free batteries are used. Less and less manufacturers prefer to produce batteries with the possibility of full-fledged self-service.

Taking care of the battery, you should follow the proper order:

1. Look

It is important to keep the battery clean and not to allow significant contamination of its surface. Particular attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the positive and negative terminals.

To clean the terminals of the plaque, you can use sandpaper and ammonia. This combination makes it possible to remove oxidation products qualitatively and quickly.

Do not allow oil, gasoline, diesel oil and washer fluid to hit the battery surface. If this happens, you need to remove everything as soon as possible from the surface of the battery to avoid ignition.

2. Storage

Many car owners do not often use the car in winter for one reason or another. If the car is not in operation in winter, it is necessary to remove the battery and keep it in a dry heated room.

3. Strong fixation

Very often weak attachment of the battery terminals resulted in a disruption in the quality of the charging from the generator.

It is always necessary to fix the battery strongly and check the degree of clamping of the terminals. This will help to avoid unpleasant and frankly dangerous situations.

4. Level of electrolyte

Serviced batteries allow the driver to check the electrolyte level. Insufficient level of electrolyte reduces the efficiency of the battery and especially when the air temperature decreases.

If the electrolyte level is kept low for a long time, the battery may be damaged. It is very important to monitor its level and if it is necessary to take measures to restore the normal level.

Caring for the car’s battery makes it possible to extend its service life and the life of your ford escape, Toyota or fiat. Proper maintenance of the battery will also help save money. If you take care of the car battery properly, it will serve you for a long time.

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