Blinder Clip Handbag


I might be at the mercy of a terrible pun here, but I really find the Binder Clip Handbag entertainly ironic. It's a handbag designed to replicate a piece of stationery and hand bag's aren't much use for 'stationary' people. Yes... you see what I did there? That's called magic.

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Batman Car Seat Wraps Your Toddler In The Dark Knight’s Cape

Being raised by wolves myself, I naturally felt a kinship with a superhero who spent a large majority of his time in a cave. My adopted wolf parents weren't too keen on my mental love affair with a "dirty bat." They forbade it. But a quick mention of "You're not my real Dad!" put them in their place

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Chainsaw Key Cover Is Not Very Good At Cutting Down Trees

Sure, the Chainsaw Key Cover doesn't fare well as a tool for lumberjacks, nor does it benefit a psycho, chainsaw killer. Unless your victim quietly waits as you slowly grind through their toes. "Come on, man. I don't have all day. I have an appointment with Jason Vorhees at 11."

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Mazooka Marshmallow Bazooka Shoots Mallows 40 Feet

Are you ready for the most intense fluffernutter sandwiches you've ever tasted in your life? While marshmallow bazookas have been floating around since practically the moment marshmallows were invented, the Mazooka can launch a jumbo mallow 40 feet.

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Simon Belt Buckle Is Completely Playable

You're not a child of the 80's if you didn't play Simon at some point in your childhood. The much-copied electronic memory game became the model of where toys were heading the next decade. And now you can wear it as a fashion accessory.

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Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Set

The Doctor Who TARDIS Fridge Set transforms your fridge into a fictional time machine, turning back time and making your leftovers fresh again. Goddamn! I love week-old casserole!

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