3 Gadgets to Transform You Into Mr Bond

bond gadgets

You’ve been hiding in bushes and jumping out at passers-by, yelling, “So it’s you, Blofeld!” You’ve thwarted your next-door neighbour’s plan to wash their car in peace by trying to commandeer it for a “high-speed chase”. And every night you dream of being honoured by her majesty, only to wake up saluting your still sleeping girlfriend. There must be an ...

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Luke, I Am Your Fragrance: Death Star Bath Bomb

Containing (here we go!) baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, epsom salt, witch hazel, essential oils, tea, sea salts, dried flowers, black pepper, raw honey, coconut oil, sweet almond oil (gasping, out of breath, passes out, regains consciousness, takes a bath), the perfect cocktail of ingredients to moisturize even the driest, cracked skin.

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The Brush Mouse Has Infinite Uses

The Barely There Brush Mouse by Jang Woo-seok is an interesting take on your average computer mouse. It's non-slip, super flexible, prevents hand fatigue, and has amazing airflow to keep your hands from getting all gross and clammy. It also gives you mini-hand massages when you move your palm.

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