iPhone6: Facts, Rumors & More


The Iphone6 is all set to be unveiled within the next few months. One of the most eagerly awaited smartphones of this year, the Apple Iphone6 launch date is still shrouded in secrecy, which has always been the way they do stuff at the Cupertino based Tech giant. Possible Iphone6 feature predictions are: A Fall release – September 2014: Popular ...

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Lighting Drone to the Photographer’s Rescue

For those of you who enjoy photography, lighting is a perennial concern. Firstly, it takes forever to perfectly position the lighting in your set. Secondly, it takes all of 5 seconds of moving on part of the model to foil your efforts. Researchers at MIT, though, have an impressive solution. They propose using fleets of drones to automatically light your shoot. ...

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Apple iWatch: Facts, Rumors, and More

Since 2012, Apple has been rumored to be aiming to expand its assemblage of mobile devices to the wrist with a smartwatch. According to two people in the know about the company’s plans, Apple Inc. has, since last year, had a team of about a hundred product designers working on the smartwatch project, including managers, members of the marketing group, and software and hardware engineers – the size of the team suggesting that Apple is beyond is experimentation phase and in its development.

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Curved TVs: The Flat-out Truth

samsung hu9000

Is it time to replace the TV in your living room? Are you leaning towards the curved screen fantasy? If so, you might want to think again. Sure, a curved screen may create magic when the screen in substantially big, but on a living room size TV, it is little more than a gimmick. Here’s the flat-out truth on the Samsung UNHU9000, the world’s first and so far only LED LCD TV.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet: Merging Work and Play

surface pro 3

For those of you who want to leave your laptops behind and just carry a tablet when on the move, Microsoft offers a solution: the new Surface Pro 3, released last month. Marketed as slimmer, bigger, and more powerful than its predecessor, this tablet is designed to serve as all-purpose computer worthy of replacing your laptop.

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