Boogey Lights: Jazz it Up!


For those looking to jazz up their ordinary two- wheeler into a machine that makes heads turn, Boogey Lights provides the perfect solution. Step 1: Get Boogey Lights Fireworks LED strips. They’re also available in multi- color if you prefer something even fancier. Step 2: Strap it onto your boat, RV, bike or golf cart. Step 3: Download the Boogey ...

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How to Find Space On Your iPhone When You Run Out of Memory


Your iPhone has such broad capabilities that you use it for much more than phone calls. Unfortunately, memory and even cloud space fill up rapidly. Then you find that you can no longer take pictures, download songs, or back up your data. The annoying notifications that you are out of memory always seems to interrupt you at bad times, but ...

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iBOLT iPro2 Review

ipro2 review

Docks are a nifty piece of technology, and iBOLT claims to be the leader in making them – and for good reason. Phone docks are useful if you can’t keep your hands off your phone even when you’re driving. With texting /speaking while driving being as dangerous as DUIs, there is a need to find a safe way to use phones ...

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Altec Lansing Life Jacket Review

altec lansing life jacket

Altec Lansing traces its history back to 1927 when audio was first introduced in motion pictures with the release of The Jazz Singer. The technology required was developed by the engineers over at AT&T’s Western Electric, who later went on to form Altec Lansing. Currently owned by the Infinity Group, Altec Lansing started off with the production of loudspeakers and ...

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Soundbook GO Review

soundbook go review

Bluetooth speakers are some of the most popular gadgets at a tech and gadget show, with 7-8 new ones always up for grabs in the market at any given point. After the Soundbook and Soundbook X3, which was released earlier this year, Soundbook GO is Bayan Audio’s third portable bluetooth speaker. After a while of using these speakers, the Soundbook ...

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6 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

Do you ever feel like your phone seems to slow down over time? Turns out that there is some truth to that slowdown. But when you’re not ready for a phone upgrade, you can settle with some of these options to speed up your phone. Move Your Files to Your SD Card As mentioned, filling your phone with too many programs ...

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Fitbit Charge Helps Improve Fitness and Energy Levels

For those wanting a whole new level of energy and a healthier lifestyle, the Fitbit Charge Activity + Sleep Wrist Monitor helps make this a reality. The latest in wristband technology allows the user to measure the amount of minutes during the day when they are active. It also allows for the measurement of that activity; how many steps are ...

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3 Squares Creates a TIM3 MACHIN3

SAN DIEGO– 3 Squares is creating a TIM3 MACHIN3™. It can’t help you travel through time, but it can save you a lot of it in the kitchen. The company was focused on developing a product that would help make it easier for busy families to make healthy homemade meals each day. The automation provided by rice cookers seemed like the ...

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Rad Pieces of Kit for Your Business

Do you ever long for a dolloping of pizazz in your business? A rad bit of kit or service that will light up your customers’ eyes and have them coming back for seconds? Well, you’re not alone – any self-respecting company with success on their mind wants a new service to wow consumers. That’s why we’ve put together these classy ...

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