Microsoft Extends Their Trade-In Program For Your iPhone


Yes, you read that right, MICROSOFT is extending their trade-in program and is offering cash for your gently used iPhone 4S and 5. Microsoft is looking to take your gently used iPhone 4s and 5 off your hands in their expanded trade in program. The Microsoft program is offering a minimum of $200 for these units but there is a catch - the funds you receive will come in the form of a Microsoft store credit rather than cash.

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Gold iPad Mini Image Leaked

Gold iPad Mini

Admit it, you knew it was coming, and now one Chinese tech website ( has revealed images of a possible gold iPad Mini. It should come as no surprise that Apple is anxious to pump out more gold colored gadgets with the incredible success of the gold iPhone 5C.

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Nest Labs Announces The Protect

Nest Labs

Nest Labs is most recognized for its learning thermostat, but in a recent announcement, Nest revealed the next product in line - the Protect. The Nest Protect will reinvent the smoke detector although few details on the new system are light.

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Amazon Announces The Kindle HDX

Kindle Tablet

There's been plenty of anticipation about the launch of the various new Kindle devices and today Amazon announced the new Kindle HDX 7 and 8.9 inch tablets. The Kindle HDX was announced by Amazon today and comes in a 7 and 8.9 inch model. Both of the new models are quite a bit thinner and lighter than the original Kindle Fire and have high-resolution screens.

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The BabyWatch Health Tracker


Because we need more baby gear to buy ladies, check out the BabyWatch health tracker monitor. BabyWatch is a new startup company that utilizes a hardware-software duo to record and share their new baby's heartbeat.

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Improve Your Home Theater Experience With Vibrating Chairs

Vibrating Chairs

$8 movie tickets plus concessions make movie going experiences expensive but now you can save up that money and make the ultimate home movie theater. Company Tremor FX, has created these vibrating home theater seats that are large and plush and are available as single or double seat units.

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