Review – iClever’s Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Your Travel Needs


Are you tired of listening to music over Bluetooth with less than quality sound? Are you tired of making low quality calls over Bluetooth? If so, then  with its many great features will be right for you!

Beautiful Design 

iClever’s portable Bluetooth speakers come with a beautiful zinc alloy finish indicating a great quality design. Unlike other speakers designed with plastic components, the beautiful finish renders the product sturdy and durable. Its compact design and size smaller than a soda can allows you easily fit this in your carry-on bag!

Great Battery Life

The speakers are fitted with a Lithium Ion battery used on most phones and tablets. The battery life on iClever’s product is 8-12 hours depending on the volume. The portable speakers have micro-USB port that you can use to charge from your laptop or even your phone’s charger. No need to purchase extra chargers!

The long battery life is a boon for travelers. Often, at the airport you find that everyone is using up the charging stations that are available. With the long battery life, you won’t need to charge it often!

Great Speakers 

iClever’s portable speaker comes with excellent speakers! Unlike the speakers on your phone or tablet, iClever’s speakers have an output of 5 Watts allowing you to have a richer sound experience and hear sounds much better.

Whenever I attempted to use the speakers on my phone to listen to music or podcasts while working around the house, I could not hear very well as a result of the noise. The speakers did a wonderful job of increasing the volume without reducing sound quality!

Built-In Microphone

Besides excellent speakers, iClever’s portable Bluetooth speakers also has a built-in microphone with 2 feet of pickup range! When I have used my phone’s speaker to talk to friends, they would often complain about not being able to hear. Once I tried these, they noticed a major difference and could hear me well! This feature was especially handy when I needed to make conference calls while traveling for work.

Easy Setup 

Setting up your devices with iClever’s speakers is very easy! All you do is simply turn Bluetooth on your phone and connect to the speakers. No need to type in passcodes. Once connected, you are ready to enjoy high-quality music and make calls to friends! Even if you don’t have a Bluetooth enabled device, simply connect it to the auxiliary port on the portable speaker. 

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Also Consider…


If you find the iClever’s portable speaker impressive, you will surely enjoy their noise-canceling, Bluetooth ear phones! Like the speakers, the great design renders the ear phones sturdy and reliable. Moreover, these are designed to fit comfortably in your ear without causing too much pain or falling out all the time.

Right out of the box, this will connect to your smart phone or tablet by simply turning on Bluetooth! Once connected you are ready to listen to music or make hands free calls. Put this phone in your pocket and go out for a run with these!

The ear phones also feature a noise-canceling feature that allows you to hear music clearly without the background noise overpowering it!

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