Smart LED Bulbs for Stylish Home Decor

smart leds for home decor

Smart LEDs for Stylish Home Decor

Are you tired of having the same old boring light bulbs at your home? Do you wish to add some color to your décor? If so, then Smart LED Bulbs may be right for you. These bulbs will take your home to a whole new level!

Awesome Features

When I got my first Smart LED Bulb from online, I was super excited! Although LED light bulbs have amazing technology intended to save on your energy bills, Smart LED technology allowed me to program and control the bulb from the palm of my hand using a smart phone. With a mobile app, I can control the color and brightness of the light.

For some lights, one can select from millions of colors. Besides adjusting brightness & color, I can control the time when the lights turn on and off. If I have a group of lights, I can control all of them at once and enable different settings including flash.

This will definitely add style to my home’s decor. Though this may seem complicated, the technology behind this is very common.


You may be wondering about the smarts behind the Smart LED Bulbs. Three main technologies that come into play include WiFi, bluetooth, and mobile apps. The mobile apps are the software that communicates to the bulbs via bluetooth or WiFi. The technologies are commonplace: WIFI is installed in nearly every home to connect various devices to the Internet and Bluetooth is installed in cars to play audio from your phone. Depending on the manufacturer of the bulb, either one or both of these technologies will be utilized.

Hobby Projects

Besides adding style to your home, there are many projects you can do with Smart LED Bulbs. Some projects include grouping these bulbs to create a disco ball, programming lights to turn off after a certain hours to save on energy bills, and to setup lighting sequence for a dance party.

You can get more sophisticated and buy kits from companies such as Belkin to tie video to an activity timer. If someone is not in the room after a specified amount of time, the lights will turn off. This also makes a great project for kids to learn technology and mobile apps.

Great Price for Great Technology

Even though the technology behind these bulbs may be awesome, you don’t have to break the bank to get Smart LED Bulbs. You can get a Smart Bulb for as little as $28.95 from Amazon. With this new technology, you don’t lose the energy efficiency of an LED light bulb. A single light bulb can last up to 20 years!

If you want enhance your home décor and have a fun project, then purchasing a Smart LED bulb may be right for you. For a small amount, you can get a light bulb which can be setup to change colors and turn on and off when you wish. Plus, you won’t lose the efficiency of an ordinary LED bulb.

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