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5 Tips For Making Your Old House Look Like a New One

After living in the same home for a while now, you are thinking it may be time for a change. While purchasing a new house may not be in the picture just yet, your next best option is to give your current interior a new look. Luckily, there are many ways you can turn your old home from drab to ...

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Decorating Tips to Make Your Home More Sophisticated


You might not have been born with a trust fund, but that does not mean you cannot make your home sophisticated. A few touches here and there are all that you need to make your house look like something from a magazine. The great news about all of these decorating tips and tricks is that you do not have to ...

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Smart LED Bulbs for Stylish Home Decor

smart leds for home decor

Smart LEDs for Stylish Home Decor Are you tired of having the same old boring light bulbs at your home? Do you wish to add some color to your décor? If so, then Smart LED Bulbs may be right for you. These bulbs will take your home to a whole new level! Awesome Features When I got my first Smart ...

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Foosball Coat Hanger Has Got To Be Some Sort of Penalty

Don’t let people judge you just because you opted for a foosball table instead of a kitchen table. Like we ever have time to eat at home anymore anyway. I mean, hellooooo, it’s the 21st century. In fact, flaunt the fact! Accessorize and accentuate your foosball theme. And what better way to accessorize your home decor than with a few ...

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The Periodic Table of Comfiness

The Periodic Table is so hot these days. Why not integrate it into your home decor? Other than the ideas innate geekiness, it seems like a cool little concept. But then again, geekiness is what we’re all about. This awesome Periodic Table of Elements Quilt will make your serotonin levels soar as you cuddle up in its cuddliness-inducing folds. Link ...

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