The Periodic Table of Comfiness


The Periodic Table is so hot these days. Why not integrate it into your home decor? Other than the ideas innate geekiness, it seems like a cool little concept. But then again, geekiness is what we’re all about.

This awesome Periodic Table of Elements Quilt will make your serotonin levels soar as you cuddle up in its cuddliness-inducing folds.

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  1. One of my pals mentioned the blogging world was all hyped about periodic table quilts.

    a long while back I constructed one of the very first patchwork ones (a school actually constructed the first)… it was a rainbow delight.

    definitely not a new concept, but glad sciencey goodness is being spread. and hey, now the phrase chemists do it on a table periodically can be pretty literal, eh?

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