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The Periodic Table of Comfiness

The Periodic Table is so hot these days. Why not integrate it into your home decor? Other than the ideas innate geekiness, it seems like a cool little concept. But then again, geekiness is what we’re all about. This awesome Periodic Table of Elements Quilt will make your serotonin levels soar as you cuddle up in its cuddliness-inducing folds. Link ...

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Grizzly Bear Bean Bag Won’t Eat Your Face

Everybody knows that the Grizzly is the most cuddly of bears. Just if they weren’t such assholes. Instead of heading out in to the wild and searching for a real Grizzly Bear to cuddle up with (even though you’ve got one right here baby, rawr), the Big Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag is not only safer, but might even be ...

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Cuddle Up With Slanket: Hands-Free Comfort

As much as I love cuddling up underneath a big, fluffy, warm (and occasionally USB powered) blanket when a chill fills my gadget-loving bones, the inability to cover my whole body while I play around with my devices deters me from keeping myself warm. Slanket has holes for your arms, which allows you to stay completely cuddled and still play ...

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