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Are you tired of lugging around a huge laptop just to type up something quick while you are at the mall or during your lunch break at work? Are you looking for a keyboard that you can use on your mobile phone? If so, you may want to check out the .

Great Design

iClever’s portable keyboard has a sleek, stylish design you will enjoy! Unlike boring keyboards, iClever’s has aluminum alloy texture finish that will dazzle your eyes! The keyboard also features excellent hinge design to make the keyboard fold only when you want it to.

With your purchase, you will have a small, light-weight keyboard you can carry anywhere. Once folded, it becomes as small as an iPhone 6+ and only as thick as a couple deck of cards! It is also designed so that little noise is generated when you type! The size of the keyboard is comparable to one on a laptop so you will feel right at home when you use it!

Great Battery Life 

Why deal with keyboard that require special stands to charge when you don’t have to? With iClever’s Bluetooth portable keyboard, all you need is a standard micro-USB charger. You can charge this with your phone charger or connect it to your laptop!

Moreover, the battery practically lasts forever once you charge it! It has an estimated 84 hours of battery life. No need to frequently plug it in to get it fully charged.

Outstanding Convenience

Many keyboards I have surveyed just did not make the cut for convenience. iClever’s keyboard folds into a size that fits the carry pouch they provide. Instead of lugging around your personal laptop to type e-mails at lunch, you can just carry your smart phone (which you do most of the time) and this keyboard to get the job done!

Morover, iClever’s keyboard has many short cut keys to adjust volume. It also works on many devices including Windows 7 laptops, smart phones (both Android and iOS), and tablets! In addition, the operating range of 10 meters (nearly 30 ft) allows you to type notes on your couch when you have your laptop hooked up to your TV!

The keyboard is easy to use and follows a standard, yet simple setup! In a few minutes, you can start typing e-mails and reports on your smart phone!

Great Deal 

At a price of $35, this keyboard is a steal! For this low price, you are saving yourself a lot time and hassle. With this keyboard, you will get things done quickly! Go out and .

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