IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo – Truly Mobile Gadget for a True Musician


This is a product by IK Multimedia, which is strictly aimed at the iOS musician. The brand has rolled out some interesting models in the recent past with iRig Duo being the most popular. What’s most comfortable about this is the basic mechanism that comes with two inputs for mics, instruments and line level signals make it a perfect model.

This is your palm-friendly mobile recording interface with signals routing from the inputs are through low noise/high-headroom preamps. There’s a superior power supply with 24-bit Analog-to-digital and vice versa circuitry. More interesting is the fact that each input has its own gain control.

The best part about this one is the compact size of the iRig Pro Duo. It makes it very convenient for anyone with an iOS-based ‘micro’ home studio. The fact that it can self-power means that not only your batteries will last, but you can easily work off the grid.


  • Portable 24-bit audio interface
  • Preamp gain controls
  • Phantom power for condenser mic
  • 2 XLR combo jacks
  • It comes with mini-DIN to Lightning cable
  • MIDI input for MIDI-equipped controller
  • Compatible with IK Multimedia’s free AmpliTube, most iOS music apps, iRig Recorder
  • Comes with USB and Lightning cables
  • Multicolored LEDs on the front are perfect visual level indicators that tell you if the phantom power is enabled
  • It has two inbuilt TRS balanced audio outputs (1/4″)
  • Each input comes with individual gain control
  • 48V phantom power output


  • Its balanced outputs can easily drive any kind of input
  • This iRig Pro device comes with many useful apps, and there’s ample software from IK Multimedia.
  • It has extremely compact enclosure and can easily fit into the palm of your hand.
  • This one comes with a floating design of the interface’s balanced outputs that shield it from any loop issues.


The only issue you might face with this is that you will have to spend a bit extra. This is not the most affordable option out there.


With its strong built, IK Multimedia’s excellent mobile audio with MIDI interface is perfection for you. This is your cutting edge technology that is one of the best options available in the market today. The build quality is solid and even if you are averse to plastic the fact that it’s light in weight will work for you. Overall, a product that’s high in quality and gives you just the kind of sound quality you expect.

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