Ori-ori-Moshi-moshi: Flexy Multimedia Device From The FUTURE


If you were to get your hands on a Flux Capacitor and traveled to the year 2014, Marty McFly style, you might see some gadgets that will blow your mind. The Ori-ori-Moshi-moshi device (that name might be hell on its marketing) is a conceptual multimedia device made of a semi-flexible OLED display, which uses an origami-like form factor for pure awesomeness.

Just like many dream gadgets from the future, the Ori-ori-Moshi-moshi from AntennaDesign consolidates about every electronic function under the sun into one compact and pretty device. You name it, it can do it. You can use it as a phone, a gaming device, a media player, a camera, and photo editor. The OLED display can be folded in an assortment of ways to adapt to its present use.



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  1. wow…!
    ori ori is simply awesome and i really wonder about the multiple foldings…!

  2. vernon and william

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!

  3. What about memory storage

  4. What the hell thats awesome!!!does anyone know how much it will cost? i want it!

  5. It’s 2013, we got better shit that this now. Lol

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