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Watch More Lifelike TV With The Samsung KN55S9C

Samsung KN55S9C

Samsung's 55 inch curved OLED television is now available for a steal at $9,000. Sure, it's a lot but it's $6,000 less than TV fanatics were expecting. The new technology is said to make the TV viewing experience much more lifelike but for $9,000 we're thinking that going outside in to the real world is more affordable.

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Black & White Clock Concept Detects Light and Adjusts

Designer Vadim Kibardin’s Black & White Clock concept is a series of four OLED numerals, each with independent sources of power. The really neat part about this concept, other than looking really cool, is that the clock will automatically sense the lighting in the room, switching to white digits in dark conditions and black digits when it’s bright. Not only ...

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Optimus Pultius: The Numpad Of Maximus Keyboards

Can’t afford an Optimus Maximus? Don’t feel bad, I can’t either. And anyone who can afford it didn’t get rich buying $1600 keyboards. Art Lebedev has announced a numpad-like keypad called the Optimus Pultius. The keyboard comes packed with 15 OLED keys, an SD card slot and a USB hub. It’ll look great alongside the Maximus you don’t own or ...

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Ori-ori-Moshi-moshi: Flexy Multimedia Device From The FUTURE

If you were to get your hands on a Flux Capacitor and traveled to the year 2014, Marty McFly style, you might see some gadgets that will blow your mind. The Ori-ori-Moshi-moshi device (that name might be hell on its marketing) is a conceptual multimedia device made of a semi-flexible OLED display, which uses an origami-like form factor for pure ...

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OLED Video Wristwatch: The future is now

Some things were promised to us in old science fiction movies about what the future would bring. Flying cars was one, which is still yet to happen despite our prayers. Another would be space travel, which of course has happened, but not to the far reaches of the universe like the movies would lead you to believe. And of course ...

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Sony shows 1cm thin fully-assembled HD OLED displays

    We’ve seen OLED around for ages, but we have never seen them really mass-marketed to substitute LCDs, they’re only found on the external screens of certain mobile phones, or small digital audio devices. Sony is keeping us drooling at again by showing fully-assembled 1cm thin OLED displays at CES this year, the largest one measuring 27″ diagonally, with ...

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Optimus Mini 3 can now connect to each other, so what?

We all know that it’s beginning to fall into the world of vaporware. It’s the list of products that never appear, the Gizmondo is such an item. The Optimus Keyboard. The supposed full OLED, full color keyboard that has recently been announced to cost around $1,200. If that is the true price, not only will the creators not make any ...

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New LG ‘e-Book’ Concept is Gas-Guzzler

LG has unveiled a new concept laptop they call the ‘e-Book’. No, this isn’t an eBook reader. It’s a forward-thinking laptop, sporting an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen (which is much more energy-efficient than an ordinary LCD screen), a second OLED screen for the keyboard, and a fuel-cell battery. Here’s where things get confusing. Some sources report the battery uses ...

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