Mobile Search Device From The Future


The future of Internet searching has a strong future, especially as long as companies like the world-dominating Google keep making the most of mobility and advanced search algorithms. The Internet Search: Mobile Version incorporates a touchscreen, built-in camera, WiFi, Google Map and Search, and image recognition to produce a search platform like nothing we’ve never seen.

If you’re wondering what a word means of what building you are standing near, just whip out the mobile searcher and touch the translucent display as you would any touchscreen. The device then conducts a search of the area you clicked on using its image recognition and camera to find search matches for your criteria.



Andrew Dobrow


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  1. I see game as a strain to the eye of an LCD screen why not e ink, i will love to see color e ink screen.

    A transparent display should have 2 screen with hexagonal and rounded pixel combine as one display control by a memory chip in standard of color pixels.

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