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Arduino Is The Next-Gen Gaming Platform

We’ve seen a lot of neat stuff made with the Arduino processor, like that Mad Hatter top hat or the gigantic keyboard. With the infinite possibilities the Arduino offers, where are all the games made for this development platform? Enter the ArduGame, a hand held device that runs a small game that has yet to be named. Using an OLED ...

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Kassou Concept Wishes It Could Fly

What in the blue fuck is this thing? The strangest looking compact three wheel concept car we’ve ever seen, even stranger than the Cerva MC08. It’s called the Kassou, which means “glide” in Japanese and it’s from designer Britisher Dunderdale. It came in second place at the Car Design News Contest 2008, most likely due to it’s unique flexible rubber ...

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Vertibral Seating, Table And Storage Emulates Bone Structure

Joseph Keenan was sick and tired of run-of-the-mill furniture in his household. So, he designed versatile and flexible wooden boxes that can be connected or stacked on one another to create any number of furnishing goods called Vertibral, en light of the vertebrae. You know, that long series of bones on your back that helps you with pretty much anything ...

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Finger Tactile Display Not To Be Used As A Thimble

Why get all of our information through computers via sight and sound when we have a sense of touch? Korean and US researchers have developed a flexible tactile display small enough to wrap around your fingers, similar to a Band-Aid. Overcoming the bulkiness that plagues current devices of the same nature, this soft, flexible alternative could possibly aid communication for ...

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Ori-ori-Moshi-moshi: Flexy Multimedia Device From The FUTURE

If you were to get your hands on a Flux Capacitor and traveled to the year 2014, Marty McFly style, you might see some gadgets that will blow your mind. The Ori-ori-Moshi-moshi device (that name might be hell on its marketing) is a conceptual multimedia device made of a semi-flexible OLED display, which uses an origami-like form factor for pure ...

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