Finger Tactile Display Not To Be Used As A Thimble

Why get all of our information through computers via sight and sound when we have a sense of touch? Korean and US researchers have developed a flexible tactile display small enough to wrap around your fingers, similar to a Band-Aid. Overcoming the bulkiness that plagues current devices of the same nature, this soft, flexible alternative could possibly aid communication for the blind

�When you apply a normal device to a non-flat surface like human skin, it is impossible to stimulate the whole skin through its shape. In the case of a wearable tactile display, however, it can be applicable to many kinds of surfaces without the limitation of stimulus area because of its flexibility.�

With absurd flexibility, efficient power usage, cost-effectiveness and easy fabrication, the finger tactile display could prove to be a valuable commodity to the visually impaired. Though the design is in its infancy, the results are looking promising.
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