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Heal Your iPhone 4’s Wounds with Antenn-aids

Poor iPhone 4. Born with an open wound. Bound to a destiny of dropped calls and low bars. All because of an injury that could have been healed if handled by the right engineers. iPhone 4, your life was cut short and it’s not fair. We understand. And that’s why we have every intention of covering your wounds with Antenn-aids. ...

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Leather Bandages: Normal Band Aids Just Aren’t Metal Enough

These bandages take a page right from the book of Stryper, the most metal of metalest bands ever. Battle wounds are part of the metal world. When you have fans throwing broken beer bottles at the stage, it’s sort of difficult not to get a boo-boo every once in a while. But what’s a metal guitarist to do? A simple ...

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Finger Tactile Display Not To Be Used As A Thimble

Why get all of our information through computers via sight and sound when we have a sense of touch? Korean and US researchers have developed a flexible tactile display small enough to wrap around your fingers, similar to a Band-Aid. Overcoming the bulkiness that plagues current devices of the same nature, this soft, flexible alternative could possibly aid communication for ...

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