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PR2 Robot Now Has a Sense of Touch

Now PR2 doesn’t only fold your socks, but also doesn’t crush your bones when you shake its hand. PR2 by Willow Garage has been a robot in the spotlight since its creation in late-2006 by ex-Google employee Scot Hassan. PR2 has pooped up in the media a few time throughout the years, and he finds himself the subject of headlines ...

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iPhone Case Adds Slide-On Tactile QWERTY Keyboard

We’ve seen attempts at adding a tactile QWERTY keyboard to replace the touchscreen of the iPhone before. iTwinge seemed like a viable option if you didn’t mind a hell of an eyesore, but it was actually pretty impractical. Half the touch screen was covered by a massive sheaf of buttons which were visibly awkward to slip on and off when ...

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WuFu Glasses Give Bat-like Sight to the Blind

Taking inspiration from our favorite little flying rodent friend, the bat, the WuFu Glasses provides visual aid to the blind by carrying ultrasonic waves to sensors on the glasses, translating those waves into vibrations. The wrist straps on each arm vibrate to provide the blind user a general idea of their whereabouts, without the need of a guide. A compass ...

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Finger Tactile Display Not To Be Used As A Thimble

Why get all of our information through computers via sight and sound when we have a sense of touch? Korean and US researchers have developed a flexible tactile display small enough to wrap around your fingers, similar to a Band-Aid. Overcoming the bulkiness that plagues current devices of the same nature, this soft, flexible alternative could possibly aid communication for ...

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