IK Multimedia iRig Acoustic Review- A Must for Acoustic Players


Here’s a brand that’s dedicated to nothing else but perfection. iRig Acoustic is your affordable mobile acoustic playing and recording system that brings professional quality to your performances. IK Multimedia has come up with this one to give your guitar, studio-microphone quality sound recording. And it works well for Mac, iOS & Android too.


This is first of its kind as iRig Acoustic guitar mobile microphone is made for ukuleles and acoustic guitars. This is a clip-on acoustic microphone that is patent-pending. It comes with the most advanced miniature microphone technology. It is this very technology that gives it the rich quality of the sound recording. iRig is known for its high-quality mic and microphone technology. This is something that beats all the rivals and professional-grade studio microphones with its much affordable cost. Apart from the fact that it installs in seconds, it comes with impeccable monitoring features, and when used with the app- AmpliTube Acoustic, it is perfection.


Easy Installation

You do not have to spend any time in figuring this out. You can easily install the iRig Acoustic. There is no modification of any instrument is required to use iRig Acoustic. You can mount it by just clipping on the rim of the sound hole. And no different settings required for different acoustics. It can be used on all.

High Sound Quality

Not to forget the fact that you need to place the microphone at the right place for perfect sound, iRig Acoustic comes with ideal mic placement. This not only captures the tonal character well but also uses a full frequency range for better sound quality. Add to that its features of synchronizing MEMS with omnidirectional polar pattern and you have a perfect sound system.

Mobility Comfort

iRig Acoustic gives you perfect sound quality, and you can move around while playing without it affecting or altering the sound quality. This is challenging to accomplish when you are using other microphones or traditional ways of mixing sounds.


  • Perfect Sound Quality
  • Android and iOS Compatible
  • Built in preamp control
  • The soft rubber material of the gadget makes it flexible enough for the guitar players.


The only con of this device is that it gives a low-level signal than a mic, which can be adjusted using a suitable app.


Well, if you look at the price and compact format and the ease of use, you will realize this is probably the best things out there. IK Multimedia is a winner in terms of technology and using it to get just the right sounds. And talk about the life span of the thing, and you will not be disappointed at all. It is for everyone on iOS. Have a look at the App Store and you see that there are many guitar related apps. In fact, you will be able to use your iPad actually to come up with high-quality multitrack recordings. An excellent product to make the best use of all available apps.

But if you are only an acoustic player, maybe a Pro version would be a better option.

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