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The Six Mile Pencil: Writing For The Distance

If you’ve ever been formally educated (which I assume you have, since you’re reading this article and not awaiting the next scheduled food ration air drop while you swat the flies away from your nipples. Flies love nipples,) then you are fully aware of the hours and hours and hours of time you’ve wasted scribbling useless knowledge, and wasting precious granite, using pencils ...

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A Suitcase That Weighs Itself

I don’t travel all that much. But I pretend I do often enough. Whether I’m trying to seem impressive at a social soiree or name dropping remote islands that don’t even exist on a first date, my outward portrayal of myself is quite the seasoned globe trekker. Consider this my confession for the week, Father James. I’m low on gas ...

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The Surreal Side of the iPhone 6 Plus ‘Bendgate’

While reports are floating in that the iPhone 6 Plus so-called ‘Bendgate’ isn’t the catastrophe that the media was originally assuming it to be, I ponder a simple question. What if…. this were all intentional? Bare with me for a second, dammit! Wouldn’t you take the chance to completely screw up the launch of the fastest selling phone in history for the ...

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How to Use QR Codes to Spruce Up Your Marketing

You may think QR codes are an eyesore or a little blah when incorporated into your marketing and advertising materials. When taken at face value, a plain black and white QR code doesn’t add a whole lot of aesthetic to your overall design. What many people don’t know is that you can create customized QR codes with a variety of colors, designs and themes that can add a fun and engaging element to your graphic designs and marketing work.

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10 Hairstyles No One Should Have

Round Hairstyle

Have you ever gone looking for a hairstyle and found something that can only be described as completely hideous? Allow us to share with you 10 hairstyles that no one should have...

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9 Really Awesome Barista Coffee Art Images


Have you ever seen coffee art? The amazing incredible coffee art that turns heads and also makes you not want to drink a drop of coffee before taking a snapshot and looking like one of those food-picture-taking-hipsters.

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