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Rebuilding a Classic? How 3D can help

3D printing

3D printing is revolutionizing the rebuilding process Rebuilding any car is a task, but a classic car is a particularly hard challenge for many. Apart from the time and the preparation (because let us face it most of the classic cars have chassis which are rusted, wiring which needs to be pulled, and seating which is unusable), is the issue ...

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5 Tips if your Room Design is ‘Almost There’ but yet not Coming Together

room design

If you’ve ever tried working on your bedroom, bathroom, or living room and had it in an ‘almost there’ state, but yet not coming together, you’d know how frustrating things can get! The space doesn’t look bad, but it’s still some way to go. There’s something missing and you just can’t figure what! Let’s tell you 5 things you could ...

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How You Can Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level

A bathroom is not just a part of your daily routine. It can be the place that you coax yourself out of stupor in the mornings, get clean, and relax in the evenings. Since this room holds such importance, surely it is time to give it an upgrade. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Especially when there ...

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Choosing the Right Architect for your Self-Build

Everyone has an idea of what their dream home would look like. Few people, however, have the ability to make it a reality. If you are a part of this fortunate group, you need the right tools to be able to construct your ideal house. Once you have settled on a budget, the next thing that you will need to ...

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The Elements of a Logo You’ll Love

You need to be happy with your logo. It’s an image that will be omnipresent on all your company materials, online and offline, and it needs to be distinct and easily distinguishable in the midst of hundreds of other competitors in the industry. It needs to be something you like, that’s for sure. More importantly, it needs to be something ...

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Three Tips for Starting an Online Photography and Art Business

If you are an amateur photographer or artist who wants to go pro, the best thing you can do is start your own photography or art business. If you have the skills and the right determination, then you can start by become a creative entrepreneur to sell your own photos and prints. With that in mind, here are three tips ...

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Cost-Effectively Designing Dynamic Websites

You’ve Designed Your Site, Now Test It Right As with most creative processes, there are a variety of ways to build a website. Some minimalists will design sites using outmoded mediums simply because they’re more easily processed in certain service regions. This is best done with a thematic element of the “meta” variety. That is to say: the site is ...

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Fun Facts About Welding That You Probably Didn’t Know

There are many different job opportunities in the field of welding and each one incorporates technology and manufacturing. There are also many levels of welding certification, with varying focuses and concentrations. It’s an ancient skill and one of the few remaining hands-on careers for men and women who appreciate the art of welding. The Old – and New – Technology ...

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How does the Color of the Walls affect the Ambiance

Is it true that some colours have a better effect on you than the rest? Is there a psychology behind the colours of your walls? Yes, the color science and psychology does have a role to play when it comes to deciding home décor.  Colours you use to decorate your house may have a profound effect on the emotional well-being ...

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