Six Web Design Tips to Make Your Website More Credible


The website of a company is many times the first source that potential customers consult to find out more about its products and services. Now the web design will play a crucial role in whether or not visitors view the website as credible which will again have a direct influence on the company’s income. In short, your website’s credibility refers to how trustworthy and informative visitors regard it to be. So, if you want your company’s web design to be successful it will have to assure your target market that your company is in fact reliable and knowledgeable.

There are many essentials of successful webdesign that designers have to master, so where do you start? Well, here are some key factors that you can specifically implement in your web design to make sure that your business becomes more credible which will help it to attract more customers and ultimately boost its profits.

Check That Your Content Is Relevant

If your website has irrelevant content, your visitors will think that you no longer pay the necessary attention to your website. Therefore, to ensure that your visitors will view your business as credible, make a point of it to update your website content often. All it takes is adding a link to the latest review or writing a new blog post.

Include Bios Of Your Employees

Customers want to connect with a business on a personal level. So, to create a real connection between your target market and your brand, highlight the brotherly love that is shared amongst your company’s employees. When you include bios of your different team members along with their photos, you also show to visitors that your business is in fact authentic which will help customers to place their trust in you.

Include Contact Details

First-class customer support remains one of the fundamentals of any business. Though, it is not good enough simply to offer excellent customer support, yet your customers have a difficult time accessing it.

When it comes to web design, the importance of your contact page cannot be emphasised enough. To build the credibility of your brand, you must see to it that it is effortless for any customer to contact your support team. So, double-check that your web design makes it easy to find links to a help centre, chatbots or email addresses. Customers want to know that if they were to require assistance, they do not need to look far at all.

Include Trust Badges

If your web design has a checkout page, it is a good idea to include a trust badge (like Norton Secure, PayPal Verified or McAfee) here. In fact, if there is no trust badge, customers are far more likely to cancel their online purchase right there and then as they will lose confidence in the transaction. Trust badges communicate to your customers that you can keep their confidential info safe as your website is secure.

Display Your Awards, Affiliations And Testimonials

Now is not the time for modesty… If your business has won an award, belongs to any professional organisations or has received a positive review, do not forget to include it somewhere in your web design where it will be visible. This is one of the best (and easiest) ways to boost the reputation of your brand!

The best testimonials are the ones in which a customer shares how your business managed to solve a problem that he/she encountered successfully. Also, be sure to include a logo or photo of the customer to make it more trustworthy.

Avoid Too Many Ads

There are numerous reasons why you should refrain from adding too many advertisements to your web design. For instance, you might not have as much say over which ads are included on your website and as a result your business could get linked to services that you have no desire to be associated with. This could be disastrous!

If you want your website to be more credible, you should at all times view your web design as an extension of the brand that you have worked so hard to create. So, see to it that your web design includes features of your brand so that your web design can supplement your brand and vice versa. When your web design manages to do this, those who are familiar with your business will feel at ease to complete online transactions via your website.

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