6 Qualities You Should Look for in Long Distance Movers to Avoid a Disaster

long distance movers

If you are moving long distance, you already know that the entire process is stressful. To start off, it’s expensive. The average cost of moving a one-bedroom apartment long distance ranges between $840 and $4,460. However, an even bigger concern is finding the right long distance movers to hire.

How do you know they are trustworthy? How do you know if there’s a better company available? It’s natural to be worried about committing to a moving business; you are entrusting your stuff with strangers! You can get rid of the jitters by knowing what to look for in long distance piano movers. See what factors you should be watching to avoid a moving disaster.

  • Required Licenses and Insurances

Legitimate long distance moving companies like United Van Lines will have the appropriate license to validate that they can perform moving requirements. State-to-state moves require a DOT number issued by the Department of Transportation. A database can help you verify that the DOT number is up-to-date. Within-state moves normally require a state license. No license, no business!

It’s also important for the company to have appropriate insurance. You don’t want regular guys doing a side job to be responsible for moving your belongings. They could accidentally get into an accident or damage your things without having insurance. See if a supplemental moving insurance is available, too!

  • Excellent Services

Much more goes into moving than loading up the boxes and driving off, and long-distance movers should be more than that too. For example:

  • Do they offer consolidation options (shipping your belongings with other people’s) for lower rates?
  • Will your furniture be wrapped to prevent damages?
  • Are measurements for stairways, elevators, and doors taken in advance to prevent damaging items while moving?
  • Will they unload your belongings into your new home, possibly putting them where you want them to go?
  • Do they offer packing services for your convenience?

A good moving company will do everything in their power to provide the best service they can and help make your moving experience as pleasant as possible—maybe without even requiring you to lift a finger!

  • Reliable Experience

Do you want people who have only moved their cousin’s stuff down the block responsible for moving your possessions hundreds of miles away? Hopefully not. The movers you hire need quality experience like:

  • Familiar with state and federal laws
  • Have years of experience in long distance moving
  • Been in business for a reasonable amount of time
  • Hold solid track records of successful, punctual deliveries
  • Experienced with moving and securing fragile items
  • Are able to provide additional equipment if needed

If they want your business, they need to be able to prove why you should give it to them!

  • Honest Procedures

A good company needs to be upfront with you about their policies. There should be no hidden fees or aggravating surprises—like miscommunication of expected services or delivery windows—near or on moving day. Look for procedures like:

  • In-person inspections
  • Verified understanding of policies, fees, and services before an agreement is signed
  • Labeling procedures are accurate and thorough
  • Professional conduct 24/7
  • Belongings wrapped in protective layering like blankets or bubble wrap
  • Overtime policies will be discussed before the moving day
  • Paperwork will be carefully explained

Overall, you should be completely aware of how the business operates and what you can expect when you hire them.

  • Positive Reviews

Online reviews will give you a big clue if a moving company’s services are what you want. You can look at reviews on sites like:

  • Yelp
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Citysearch
  • Google
  • Trustlink

Also, see if they have any accolades for service or if they have, perhaps, won any awards. These positive incentives can help reassure you that you will be receiving high-quality service.  Additionally, ask friends, neighbors, or coworkers if they have or know of anyone who has hired the company before. The best review is a trustworthy opinion that you can get through word-of-mouth.

  • No Red Flags

Finally, make sure you don’t see any indications of red flags. Strong indicators include:

  • Requiring all cash payments or large deposits
  • No on-site inspection
  • Poor reviews
  • False insurance claims (you will have to check accuracy)
  • No DOT number
  • Are not able to provide written estimates or appropriate paperwork
  • Failing to provide your rights and responsibilities (required by federal law)
  • Using a rental truck rather than a company branded truck

Protect yourself by steering away from red flags!

Have a Safe Move!

Moving long distance is stressful, and the last thing you want to do is worry about movers hauling your belongings along the way. Before making a hiring decision, see if they have these seven qualities of a trustworthy business. That way, you can feel confident about entrusting your possessions to the right movers, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

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