Benefits of Using Pop up Banners

Popup banner

Studies have proven that banner advertisement is 1.5 times more effective than email marketing in terms of engaging the customer. Banners are a great tool to provide customers a brief insight into the product and services offered by your business.

Acquiring space for popup display stands at trade shows, exhibitions or conferences can be expensive, but it is totally worth the investment if it leaves a long-lasting impression of your brand, say experts at Trade Show Display, a leading printing services provider for pop up banners in NYC.

Here’s a look at the advantages of using pop up banner stands.

1.    Easy to Assemble

These banner stands can be assembled quickly and with ease. They work on a retractable system, in which you have to pull the banner from the flat base and place a pole to support it. The pole and the flat base provide rigid support and prevent the banner from swinging.

2.    Durable

Generally, vinyl paint is used to print retractable banners, which ensures durability and long life to the print. The base of a pop up banner stand is also strong and provides extra support to the entire structure. For outdoor use, these banner stands come with a hollow base, which can be filled with water or sand to ensure stability. The frames are usually made of aluminium, which is lightweight and strong, making transportation convenient.

3.    Perfect for Transportation

If you are attending different exhibitions, conferences or trade shows on a regular basis, then you need to ensure that your banners are easy to transport. Retractable banner stands are compact and light. They can be collapsed and folded easily in the telescopic tube or their base, which can then be carried in a bag from event to event. These banners are lightweight and can easily fit into a car, saving you any extra cost of transportation.

4.    Compact

Space is costly, whether it is at your workplace or at a tradeshow. You don’t want banners that take up all the space of your booth at a tradeshow. You want to fit in banners, leaflets, sample products and other items to create a complete brand experience. Pull up banners are high and narrow, and provide your brand ample exposure without taking a lot of floor space.

5.    Spreads Your Message

Pop up step and repeat banners offer you versatility to spread your message within a given space. They can be used to promote your business at an exhibition, book launch, conference, talk show or store.

6.    Long Life

Television commercials, radio ads and even flyers tend to have a short life span, but a retractable banner can be used over and over again. You can get a brand-specific pop up banner stand, which provides all the necessary information about your business, and use it again and again for different occasions. This banner stand can be used as long as you don’t change any of the details.

Retractable banners will surely provide return on investment, whether used at a trade show, exhibition or at the workplace.

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