Sliding Into Great Filmmaking Through Camera Sliders


When you want to display anything, you need just the right medium. Lately, videos have exploded in popularity with the rise of the highly available fast Internet. Almost every company has branched into doing extensive videos. Of course, making videos of even the most basic variety involves a level of artistry that isn’t always easy to do without special training.

Everyone knows that writers, directors, and actors have special skills that require time and effort to master. What many people don’t know is that camera workers also need to have a set of skills that don’t simply appear out of nowhere. While you run your business or take fun videos for your own enjoyment, you don’t need to become a pro to take on some of that professional quality. This is where the Hereon camera slider comes in.

Why You Need a Camera Slider

There are several kinds of shots you can use for both still images and videos that will be so much better with the use of a camera slider. You can pan, follow focus, and even create panoramic images that give any kind of presentation a much more polished look. Imagine the difference between what looks like a “shaky cam,” versus smoothly following an ant in its colony, an interviewer’s different expressions, or a hot car burning rubber down the road.

Camera sliders vary in quality level, and some are better for a given purpose than others are. In every case, you want to ensure that your slider fits your specific needs and is physically capable of doing what you ask of it. Different sliders work better for different purposes.


In some instances, you may be chasing daylight or a very specific shot like a wild animal. You may not have time for a lot of assembly or disassembly. This can make a lot of difference to your final shot. Having a very portable, preferably single piece camera slider can make a great deal of difference to your videos.

However, a greater level of portability tends to come with a lower length of potential travel. If you want a foot or two of travel, using a more portable slider may be your best bet. If you want more of a travel length, a less portable slider may be what you need to use.

Durability and Weight Allowance

For smaller cameras, it barely matters what kind of camera slider you’re using. Of course, smaller cameras also tend to have a lower level of resolution, as well as having fewer lens options. This can result in a lesser final output versus a stronger and more durable camera slider. Keep in mind that having a higher weight level of payload also means your battery life will be lesser. It’s important to remember that if you’re making more videos in a short period of time, battery life and getting more shots can become even more important than going from “great” technical quality to “excellent” quality.

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