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Fello—High-Quality Sunglasses for Affordable Prices

Designer quality sunglasses at economical prices with a warranty to replace if broken or stolen! About this Project- Fello Eyewear Indiegogo Sunglasses are not just for looking cool at the beach. Scientific research has shown time and time again that the ultraviolet B rays of the sun can damage the retina of the eye, perhaps permanently. Constant exposure to harming rays ...

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5 Activities You’re Never Too Old to Pick Up

A lot of people think once you hit a certain age, you’re too old to learn anything new. This is blatantly untrue. Of course, there are certain activities that do have age limits. For instance, you can’t take part in your state’s Under-Nineteen competitive swimming contest if you’re thirty or start a career as a doctor when you’re a fifty ...

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Smart LED Bulbs for Stylish Home Decor

smart leds for home decor

Smart LEDs for Stylish Home Decor Are you tired of having the same old boring light bulbs at your home? Do you wish to add some color to your décor? If so, then Smart LED Bulbs may be right for you. These bulbs will take your home to a whole new level! Awesome Features When I got my first Smart ...

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Check Out Austin’s Culture on Your Next Visit

Austin, Texas is one of the most well-known cities on earth for arts and culture. Recent years have seen many young professionals head to the capital of Texas to jump start their creativity and soak in the local culture. Whether you plan on making the move the Austin, or are just visiting for a weekend, there a lot of options ...

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Designing Custom Rings

With so much redundancy in today’s jewelry it is refreshing to see artisans designing original engagement rings. Rising to the occasion our team of master jewelers strive to develop new styles and procedures to stay ahead of the design curve. The original engagement ring in this rendering features blue translucent ceramic and is part of our Plique’ a Jour collection. ...

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Aspire Eyewear Review

When it comes to eyewear, you should judge it based on three things: style, comfort, and ability to enhance visual acuity and/or protect the eyes from the harsh outdoors. Going for eyewear that’s simply stylish but are not even close to being comfortable can even contribute to headaches and eye problems. So when it comes to Aspire Eyewear, what do ...

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