6 Unique Lighting Ideas for Your Swimming Pool


Do you have a swimming pool at home that you want to upgrade like the ones you see in resorts? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll help you turn your ordinary swimming pool into the best one possible with just the use of lights! Yes, you’ve read that right! Lightings are the only main tool you need to keep your pool glowing than ever!

Swimming pool


Aside from that, the lightings you use can even illuminate the place, keeping you safe during night swimming. So, let us now start giving the 6 types of lighting ideas that work best for your swimming pool. Check them out below.

1.  Install Underwater Lights

Underwater lights are the well-known lights for pools. Although they are very expensive, they are still the most durable lightings you can use for your pool. They are installed before the walls of the pool. Thus, the installation makes them more expensive. If ever your pool is not yet constructed, you won’t find it hard to install them.

underwater lights


However, if your pool is already complete, you need to renovate it in a way that you can put the light inside the walls of the pool. Surely, this type of LED lighting can illuminate the whole pool area, giving a well-defined feature of the sides of your pool.

2.  Landscape Lighting

If your pool is surrounded by different trees and plants, then you can add lightings to them to illuminate the area where your pool is located. Little did everyone know that trees and other landscape can give you an enticing feeling of being under the moon and stars. Upon taking a dip on the waters, you might want to relax by looking up at the lightings of the trees.

landscape light


We are sure that you are after the mood of the lightings that can shine through your pool. Surprisingly, you can have your choice of LED types and sizes from strip lights, bulbs, or even Christmas lights. You can decide on the sizes of your trees and the style of your landscapes by what lighting suits best.

3.  Fountain Lighting

Fountains are always beautiful. They always speak of glamor when constructed alongside the pool. We understand that not every pool has fountains. However, if you have one or more waterfalls, it would be better to add some lighting to them. You can strategize the lights you use or we best recommend submersible lights for your pool.

Fountain light


We know you want fountains and waterfalls to flood the waters to your pool. Adding wash lights will only highlight how the waters flow down, most especially during night time where you can enjoy the pool without burning your skin.

4.  Furniture Lighting

You probably have seats, hammocks, and other furniture in the pool area. You can still use them to highlight your pool by adding LED strip lights unto them or even an LED bulb just above them. You don’t have to put lightings to every furniture, as long as you put the right LED light that can add a beautiful ambiance to your swimming sessions.

Furniture light


Just make sure that the LED lights of your furniture will match the colors of the LED light you use for your pool. This way, you can best enjoy the relaxing ambiance you wish to have. Remember that combining light colors is key for a perfect pool lighting.

5.  Solar Lighting

Solar lights are the modern type of torches. If you want an island type of lighting vibe, then solar lighting will suit best for your pool. You can decide where to locate these solar lightings, whether you place them on the sides of the pool, near a piece of furniture, you name it! You have nothing to worry about as these lights are already modernized, you no longer to manually light them up.

solar light


Additionally, some of them use solar energy, thus, giving you the chance to save more electric charges. They are usually available in different colors, but the use of colors red and yellow will surely give you an ambiance for a great relaxing mood!

6.  Dimmable Lights and Controllers

Aside from the LED lights, you can get for your pool, it would be best if you also include a dimmer with a remote controller. You probably know that dimming the lights you chose to have for your pool will give the perfect ambiance. So whether you’re feeling lonely and wild, you will get to control the lights.

Dimmable light


They are the most suitable light controller for every pool occasion, may it be with friends, family, or all by yourself.


We all know that nothing beats the feeling of losing yourself in waters and dancing lights. Furthermore, the use of LED lights for your pool will not only make the setting beautiful but will also add calmness to the soul. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your LED pool lightings now!

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