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The Future, a Thimbleful at a Time

An intriguing concept device called "Thimble" would serve as an interface, text scanner, and Braille e-book reader for the blind. But the crucial technology, a refreshable, haptic Braille display, remains elusive.

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Disintegrated Digital Frame Reverse-Engineers Ektachrome

The DIA Parrot wireless photo frame by Nodesign deconstructs the LCD, separating the backlighting from the display unit to create a luminous projection effect. Usually, an LCD unit is sandwiched with its opaque backlight, hiding the display’s smoky windowpane quality. By separating the two, the DIA Parrot celebrates the qualities of the LCD while providing a new/old lightboxing effect. The ...

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Darkness on the Cheap

At five dollars for 99 pieces of the Darkest Classical Music ever written, it's easy to get into a symphonically nasty post-holiday funk.

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