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10 Hairstyles No One Should Have

Round Hairstyle

Have you ever gone looking for a hairstyle and found something that can only be described as completely hideous? Allow us to share with you 10 hairstyles that no one should have...

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9 Really Awesome Barista Coffee Art Images


Have you ever seen coffee art? The amazing incredible coffee art that turns heads and also makes you not want to drink a drop of coffee before taking a snapshot and looking like one of those food-picture-taking-hipsters.

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7 Awesome Cupcake Designs

Cookie Monster Cupcake

Cupcakes have been the "in thing" for quite a while now and yet we still can't get enough of these delicious sweet treats...especially when they look like these 7 awesome cupcake designs!

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Facial Hair Designs That Wow

Octopus Beard

Yes, we know it's a strange title but sometimes there is no other way to explain exactly what you mean without going for "strange." Once in a while during your life you may run in to someone who has "strange" facial hair, we're talking designs, length or even just color. Today we want to share with you some of our favorites.

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5 Society 6 Artists We Love And Why

The Time of Angels By Travis English

Here at Gearfuse we are always on the lookout for great artists and these five artists from Society6 are definitely on our radar! Take a look at 5 of our favorite Society 6 artists and their work!

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‘Die-o-Ramas’ of Gory Crime Scenes

murder mystery

Former crime reporter and current sculptor Abigail Goldman uses her expertise gained from both careers to created these darkly humorous "Die-o-Ramas.' Each four-inch high diorama displays a gory crime scene, with just a dose of dark comedy tossed in.

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