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With so much redundancy in today’s jewelry it is refreshing to see artisans designing original engagement rings. Rising to the occasion our team of master jewelers strive to develop new styles and procedures to stay ahead of the design curve. The original engagement ring in this rendering features blue translucent ceramic and is part of our Plique’ a Jour collection. Conceived and created entirely in our shop in Connecticut this ring features a scrolling white gold arch with a delicate window suspended with a field of blue.

Designing Jewelry with unique originality is a way of life for our master jewelers. As jewelry designers we pride ourselves in making jewelry that has never been seen or worn, and this brilliant blue engagement ring is just such a piece.

Few things in life are more rewarding than Designing an Engagement Ring for a bride to be. Knowing that the ring we are designing is both financially and emotionally one of the most valuable acquisitions a young man has made is inspirational. As if this is not incentive enough, we realize that our creation is intended to be worn every day for a lifetime and will probably be passed on to future generations.

With each ring we design, we imagine the woman who will wear it and her contentment in knowing that her fiancé chose to have it created by local artisans especially for her.

It is this motivation that inspires our master jewelers to create rings like the delicate engagement ring pictured here. This ring, one of our most recent designs features a gentle cross over pattern laced with tiny diamonds. Balanced on a slender polished band, the prongs like graceful tendrils extend to secure our featured diamond which seems to effortlessly float above the ring.

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