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When it comes to eyewear, you should judge it based on three things: style, comfort, and ability to enhance visual acuity and/or protect the eyes from the harsh outdoors. Going for eyewear that’s simply stylish but are not even close to being comfortable can even contribute to headaches and eye problems. So when it comes to Aspire Eyewear, what do you think? Go for it or ditch for another brand?


First up, are Aspire glasses as aspirational as they seem to be? Well, for one thing, the styles are definitely trendy but the designs are not too out there. The aesthetic is a classic, albeit modernized version of classic shapes and silhouettes.

Take the Aspire Stylish in the lovely shade of Smoke Yellow Fade. It’s a classic shape – the wayfarer – but the screwless hinges, lightness, and overall comfort it brings to the wearer makes this much more than a statement pair. This pair of glasses is the perfect blend of masculine and feminine, making it one of the more androgynous options by Aspire Eyewear. It’s great for women who are in control and for men who aren’t afraid to show off their style.

Another notably stylish design from the brand is the Aspire Famous in Plum Fade. The rounded cat’s eye frames are perfect for women who want to make a statement but still look feminine while doing so.

Comfort & Protection
Aspire Eyewear are 50% thinner and lighter than plastic frames. Compared to titanium frames, Aspire eyewear are about 22% lighter. So for people who want to feel like they’re not wearing glasses but don’t want to wear contacts or expose their peepers to the harsh rays of the sun, Aspire eyewear will do the job and more.

Overall, we’d have to say that Aspire Eyewear are definitely for aspirational (and inspirational) men and women around the globe. It’s perfect for folks who love to travel and bring only the most stylish yet durable pieces in their luggage. Aspire Eyewear are extremely light, trendy enough but doesn’t distract from a person’s overall look, and are comfortable to boot. These glasses are definitely a quiet kind of stylish – the opposite of loud statement pieces but make enough of an impact on their own. If you want glasses that you wouldn’t have to worry about fading or discoloration when exposed to harsh UV rays or to the elements, then Aspire Eyewear are top notch.

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