5 Tips if your Room Design is ‘Almost There’ but yet not Coming Together

If you’ve ever tried working on your bedroom, bathroom, or living room and had it in an ‘almost there’ state, but yet not coming together, you’d know how frustrating things can get! The space doesn’t look bad, but it’s still some way to go. There’s something missing and you just can’t figure what! Let’s tell you 5 things you could do in such a situation.

Focus on one single spot, wall or corner you love

Pick out that one single spot, wall or corner you love in the current setting. What do you think is working for it? What do you love about it? Take what is working for that space and incorporate a bit of it into the rest of the room. Perhaps it’s a color that’s looking nice and you could have more of it in the remaining space. It could be the style of some furniture, and you could use more of it. You could even seek help of some DIY house design software in such a situation.

Compare it with what inspired you in the first place!

Whether you’re trying to copy some room, piece by piece, from Instagram, or always wanted a certain design from a reputed designer, or simply wish to use a color palette or a piece of art as inspiration, you need to go back to it and figure out where you stand at this moment. What else could you add to bring the current design closer to your inspiration? It could be some extra element that isn’t fitting into the space, or something that you’ve forgotten to include.

Take a few pictures

Click a few pictures of the room and then move out of that space for some time. Go to some coffee shop or a friend’s place. Now take out those photos and flip through them. It would be better if you could compare those pictures side by side. Distance yourself from the fact that it’s a room that you live in and try to see it as a room you might spot on some interior design blog on the Internet. At this point, listen to your gut feeling and try to figure what is lacking in this space.

Play around with the style

Grab something from your friend’s place or something lying around in a different corner of your home – just introduce anything that brings in an element of surprise into the space. Many times introducing such an element, that doesn’t go well with the space delivers a few favorable outcomes. If not anything else, the mismatch may just point you in the right direction.

Try removing a few things

It would be best if you remove some major element. For instance, get rid of the curtains in the room and now step back and take a look at it again. Although the room may seem a little empty, you may get a better idea which way the design should go.

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