Capsule Wardrobe: Latest Trends in Billionaire Styling

capsule wardrobe

If you have been following fashion trends, you are sure to have come across the term, ‘capsule wardrobe,’ especially in relation with entrepreneurs and style statements of successful people. And if you have been wondering about the term, then this post is for you.

A capsule wardrobe refers to having a closet filled with only a few pieces of essential clothing. A person following this lifestyle will mostly be seen wearing similar clothes all the time. A popular example of this trend is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, with his t-shirt and jeans combo.

Why Capsule Wardrobe Is Trending Among Billionaires

There is a simple reason why many successful people choose a ‘capsule wardrobe’ lifestyle – less choice and minimized stress. In a normal scenario, a person is bombarded with numerous choices when it comes to selecting a piece of clothing. It’s time-consuming when you have to constantly cycle through all available dresses in order to find something suitable.

For CEO’s, managers and other successful people who are already taking on enough stress running their businesses and looking after its various aspects, to add on the further stress of selecting a dress will obviously seem a waste of time and something that could be gladly avoided.

As Barack Obama famously said about his minimalist clothing style in a Vanity Fair interview, “I’m trying to pare down decisions […] because I have too many other decisions to make.” In short, dealing with a large number of dresses is essentially a time consuming, wasteful process, and the best way to resolve the issue is having a capsule wardrobe.

“Life’s too short to spend time everyday selecting dresses.”

Apart from the famous, a capsule wardrobe is a very sensible idea for ordinary people. This is because it offers a big benefit – cost savings. Since you will only be using a limited number of dresses, you curb the habit of buying every dress you fancy.

This will cut down clothing expenses to a great extent. As such, a capsule wardrobe definitely makes good economic sense for the average John, in addition to freeing up time for things that are much more important.

How To Build Your Very Own Capsule Wardrobe

It’s pretty simple to build a minimalist capsule wardrobe. The main obstacle would be letting go of those cloth pieces that you hold dear. Firstly, take note of what is essential. Ideally, you create a capsule wardrobe consisting of around 20 to 25 pieces of clothing. But if you are looking for a bare minimalist approach, then a mini capsule of about 10 essential items will be sufficient.

So, make a list of all the clothes you like. Once done, group them into types like jackets, suits, skirts, trousers and so on. Next, pick one (or two at max) piece of dress from each group that you definitely can’t live without. And just like that, you have the items for your capsule wardrobe ready. Now, clean out all unnecessary clothing from your wardrobe, and you are all set to live the minimalist clothing lifestyle.

Another way to think about it would be to adopt a ‘uniform’ style like Jobs or Zuckerberg. Other than formal occasions, select a styling that defines who you are. It could a half-sleeved white shirt and khaki pants or blue t-shirt and black jeans. Craft your signature look.

For men, the capsule usually consists of suits, trousers, shirts, shoes, sneakers, trunks, shorts, sunglasses, etc. For women, consider having a few number of formals, skirts, tops and shorts. If you have trouble deciding the items, check out Pinterest which has lots of interesting takes for an ideal capsule wardrobe. But whatever the number of essential clothing, whether 10 or 20, make sure that they always make you look fabulous, no matter the occasion.

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