Incorporating Technology into Your Home Design

With all of the latest advances in technology for your home, we wanted to talk about making this technology look beautiful when putting it in your home. Your home design doesn’t have to look like technology, but it can be incorporated everywhere. Here are some fantastic ways to incorporate technology into your home design. As this technology grows, you are sure to be incorporating more of it into your home.

1. The Home Theatre

home theater

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Dedicating an entire room to a home theatre system is definitely a trend. However you don’t necessarily have to have a whole room. You can have a kicking home theatre system in your living room with surround sound and a great setup for your television.

2. Hide Your Television

celing television

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If you don’t want to have your big screen television as the centre of your room, you can choose a transparency mount which will store the television in the ceiling so that you can hide it when you aren’t watching it.

3. Universal Remotes

universal remote

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With increasing options for smarthome technology, you should look into a universal remote that covers more than just your television and media surround sound system. Smart home universal remotes can do so much more including the lighting, security, heating or cooling, and much more. When you automate things like the lighting or temperature regulation, you can save money and even make changes remotely with the right technology.

4. Solar Power

solar power

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Solar power panels can help make your home usage more sustainable, save you money and reduce your imprint. There are different types of power management options that are available so that you can save money and reduce consumption.

5. Home Automation

home automation

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Eventually almost everything in your home can be part of home automation system. This can enhance your security, reduce your bills, cut down on your carbon footprint, and make your life so much easier. We already touched on this idea with the universal remote option because you can get one controller to take care of everything digital in your home. However you need the technology infrastructure and all of the components in place to be controlled. This can include your home entertainment, television, music, heating or cooling, lighting, security, and smart appliances. The idea behind the automation is that you can set things up to turn on and off at set times, keep the temperature where you want it, and this can be automated or done remotely. The other great thing about this, is that you can control every connected device while sitting on your couch (or anywhere else) holding your universal remote. Eventually this can mean turning on or off the washer or dryer, getting grocery lists from the refrigerator based on what is or is not inside of it, and setting the oven to preheat without having to be in the kitchen. If it sounds like you can be lazy, that might be true; however it also means that your time can be spent more efficiently and in the long run you can save money while reducing your carbon footprint.

6. Smart Home Security

home security

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Home security tech options range from something simple like the Ring Doorbell we featured in our image to an entire home security system. All of it is high tech even though it is very simple to control. The Ring Doorbell is on the simple end for security, it connects to your smartphone and a video chat starts when someone rings the doorbell and you can see and speak to them whether you are home or not. Then there are full blown smart home security systems that are connected to alarms and security cameras that can monitor what is going on all the time both inside and outside your home.

7. Gaming and Entertainment

gaming and entertainment

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Now, home entertainment and gaming can be tech savvy too. Gaming is becoming more and more interactive and many gamers are not only children. Homeowners are using technology to incorporate gaming technology into the home media.

We hope you have enjoyed learning out how you can incorporate technology into your home. It doesn’t mean that wires and technology boxes have to be showing everywhere and your home design can still be beautiful while still being high tech. Here at Selby Acoustics we specialise in technology and we are here to help you with any home technology questions you might have.

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