Don’t Click that Link! Signs That You’re About to Be Phished

Phishing scams have been around for decades and are still used for one simple reason: they work! Scammers use spam emails or messages to entice users into clicking infected links where they share their emails and passwords. That’s all it takes to steal your private information. Believe it or not, almost one-third of employees still fall for phishing emails! Why ...

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Convert YouTube Videos to mp3 for Free

Everyone can agree that YouTube is a revolutionary invention that has forever changed the face of the internet as we know it. Not only does it offer anyone free services and the option to freely express themselves online, it also opens up amazing subjects of conversation by allowing people to come into contact with each other and also raises awareness ...

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Access the Haven for Diverse Android Apps and Many More

After the arrival and massive growth of Android as a mobile OS, Smartphone usage has become a new experience altogether! The customization scope, user friendliness and versatility of Android have led to its overwhelming popularity worldwide. Another reason behind its mass appeal is support for myriads of third party apps and services. While you may have used Google Play to ...

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Student Dilemma: How to Buy Essay Cheap but Not Sacrifice Quality?


Many first year students get into the exact same situation – they choose the cheapest provider of writing services and receive low-quality material right on the eve of assignment submission. As a result, they have to overpay to another company, spend nights doing the task by themselves in a rush, or ever worse – to apologize to the teacher for ...

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What is a Good VPN to Choose and Why?

Why a VPN? Do you want to install a VPN to hide your IP address or bypass geographic filters? We looked through existing VPN offers and their performance in an actual situation, so you can choose better. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a system which allows creating a direct link between two distant computers, as though they were on the ...

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Tips For Selecting The Best Database For Social Media Sites

Most of the people using the internet intend it for communication purposes. Communication via the internet is extremely reliable. It is possible to connect with people from other countries at the same time. The social media has also made interaction to be extremely tranquil. When setting up a social media platform, get the right host.Below are some guidelines that will ...

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Cool Free Stuff to get from the Internet!


In the recent days of technological advancements, the increasing use of smartphones and laptops have urged the people to use the Internet connectivity to a much wider extent. From downloading a song to ordering a shirt, the Internet has a major role to play in our daily lives. Moreover, with the introduction of the communicating apps like WhatsApp, Skype, etc ...

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Pros And Cons Of Free Movie Streaming

So, you are a movie buff and you like to watch all sorts of movies and movies of different languages as well. The only problem about being a movie buff is you do not always get the DVDs of the movies that you want to see and there can be legal issues if you are planning to download them from ...

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Web based type of help desk software

Help desk software is perfect at handling various customer requests, ensuring prompt responses to clients’ requests, providing chat support for customers and tracking online query status of all current assignments. Help desk software will be invaluable for those who want to manage the customer support effectively and often find themselves at a loss while trying to find missing data or ...

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