E-Sports: What? When? Why?

The emergence of e-sports has certainly not gone unnoticed over recent years, with the rapidly growing gaming event now attracting millions of gamers, fans and punters. E-Sports is an organised, competitive computer gaming platform, taking place between professional players. While competitive computer gaming is not a new idea, with games such as Pong leading the way back in the 1970’s, ...

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Protect Your PC from Malware – 5 Simple Steps


Technology is an exceptional tool in our lives. Our smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs are all marvelous inventions of technology. However, technology can also be disrupted using other technological practices. These practices fall under the actions of hacking. Spreading viruses and hacking into personal computers have gained quite the momentum over the years. Using some simple precautionary steps, we can ...

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5 Reasons Why Your Computer is Slow and How to Fix Them

Your computer may slow down for various reasons, but the biggest culprit is one – how you use it. Downloading programs, surfing the web, installing extensions, creating files and filling the system hard drive with music and movies, eventually impacts the PC’s performance. Luckily, this does not mean that your computer is beyond redemption, and much of the damage can ...

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Wireless Broadband Technologies: Enabling Public Safety

Wireless connection is critical during major disasters and in thousands of other small emergencies that people encounter everyday. In the aftermath of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and typhoons, or localized events such as criminal activities or power outages, wireless technologies enable the transmission of critical data that is used by responders to protect and save lives. We list ...

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4 Easy Ways to Recover from Having Your Gmail Account Hacked

I am addicted to technology, I couldn’t live without my android, and my tablet, and my PC, my laptop, maybe for a few weeks. I am constantly online whether it is for work or pleasure, it doesn’t make a difference to me as they are one and the same. As an online freelancer, I get to live in my virtual ...

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5 Reasons the Internet is an Essential Element of any New Business

The internet has affected the lives of every single human being on this planet.  Even those who don’t yet have access to the hardware (more people have access to a mobile phone than to clean drinking water) will feel its impact on the wages they earn, the things they buy and their aspirations and beliefs.  Any new business needs a ...

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Grow Your Encryption Business With A Great Partner

Smartphone users are finally beginning to worry about their emails, as they should have been for years. Sending unsecured messages through your mobile, especially on open, public Wi-Fi connections, is one of the quickest way to make sure that your communications, data, and identity are compromised. High profile data breaches and headlines about cybercrime and industrial espionage have brought the ...

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5 Things All Programmers Should Know

Nobody ever has said that programming is easy. Computer languages are most definitely the hardest part of online marketing. Software development  is becoming more and more popular and if you’re looking to get into it, there are a few things you should take into account. From an academic perspective, there have been many studies about how one would go about ...

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How do Pop Ups work?

You’ve watching the latest Bennedict Cumberbatch movie on the internet (managed somehow), and every time you even move the mouse pad a bit, an annoying advertisement pops up onto the screen. How irritating does it get when you’ve got to close each window before you can proceed to see the actual content you intended to open? Pop up ads were ...

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