Grow Your Encryption Business With A Great Partner

Smartphone users are finally beginning to worry about their emails, as they should have been for years. Sending unsecured messages through your mobile, especially on open, public Wi-Fi connections, is one of the quickest way to make sure that your communications, data, and identity are compromised. High profile data breaches and headlines about cybercrime and industrial espionage have brought the ...

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5 Things All Programmers Should Know

Nobody ever has said that programming is easy. Computer languages are most definitely the hardest part of online marketing. Software development  is becoming more and more popular and if you’re looking to get into it, there are a few things you should take into account. From an academic perspective, there have been many studies about how one would go about ...

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How do Pop Ups work?

You’ve watching the latest Bennedict Cumberbatch movie on the internet (managed somehow), and every time you even move the mouse pad a bit, an annoying advertisement pops up onto the screen. How irritating does it get when you’ve got to close each window before you can proceed to see the actual content you intended to open? Pop up ads were ...

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3 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Affect Your Business

Internet of things

The singularity, a world of interconnected artificial intelligence, is coming, and it’s a source of much speculation. However, businesses that are ready to embrace the future are now trying to figure out how to position their business to prosper. Forward thinking businesses want to be ready for the time when office machines, thermostats, lighting fixtures, appliances, computers, smartphones, tablets, and ...

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5 App Tech Lessons We Can Learn From Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go took the world by a storm this year. The success of the app was so massive and effective it managed to get hardcore gamers out on the street. There are plenty of things marketers, businesses, and security experts can learn from the game. Here are five of those things: One has to be Ready for Success Despite its ...

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Effectively Addressing Consumer Feedback on Social Media

social media

Serial entrepreneur Eddie Huang recently said, “Engage the fans, disagree with the fans but don’t disrespect them.” As a company accumulates followers across a range of channels, it should keep in mind these words of wisdom. Followers sustain brands and provide a broad view of consumer sentiment toward the business. Make your account consumer-friendly To ensure that your company receives ...

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Question To Ask Online Tech Support Professionals?

With the proliferation of a plethora of technical devices, including smart phones, laptops, computers, Bluetooth, and smart wearables, the need for remote technical support has increased significantly. We often face diverse issues with the functionality of these devices, and to sort out these problems, calling the technical support team is among the best measures. Technical support teams can be easily ...

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5 Ecommerce Platforms with Stellar Support Communities

The ecommerce industry is climbing and is expected to reach nearly $500 billion by 2018, according to reports published in Internet Retailer. You, armed with an idea and relentless motivation, are ready to enter this industry, but you need an excellent enterprise ecommerce platform. So which one should you choose? Even though platforms are designed to be simple and ready ...

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