Safety Tips for Using Online Dating Sites for Armenian Women

online dating websites

Using dating sites have become quite common. In fact, dating sites are now taking the traditional role of matchmaking played by parents or community leaders.  There are dating sites like OkCupid where you can potentially meet hundreds of people. But some people prefer dating sites that cater to a specific country or culture, like Armenian. Most people prefer to marry ...

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Why a VPN Is Necessary Every Time You Are Online?

VPN calling

In the modern era of today, privacy and security are two essential things every web user should possess at all times. When you browse through the web, making use of a virtual private network, you can be safely assured that your activities online are guaranteed fully secure and private. So what exactly does a VPN do and why is it ...

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Distributed Denial of Service a Big Treat for Online Businesses

When you say “Distributed Denial-of-Service” commonly known as DDoS, you probably remember Anonymous attack against financial services like Visa, Paypal or MasterCard called “Avenge Assange”. This campaign was launched against financial services refusing to to keep Wikileaks in their clients. But it is not the only big DDoS attack in the history. Every year a lot of DDoS attacks are ...

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Top 3 interesting Google Doodle Games

Google is the best webpage which people use for searching information on internet. Google Doodle is a special symbol , temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepage that is intended to celebrate events, holidays, achievements and famous people.Beside Doodles, interactive Doodles supply the customers the various different useful applications. These interactive doodles have become a staple of Google’s home screen. It ...

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Essentials for the Long Car Ride

Road trips can be tremendous fun – but they also involve driving for hours on end with little to do. Thankfully, you can pack some essentials that will help you get through these uneventful dry spells on the road. Whether you’re trying to get across country as fast as you can, or are planning a meandering backroad trip over a ...

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The Run game and Run 3

Run is a deceiving title, because this game isn’t about running. It’s about wall-climbing, leaping, and ceiling-jogging across the universe. Run 3 tells the story of an alien who is on a mission to return home. And she needs your interstellar moves to get there. Explore ModeExplore is the main gameplay mode, which consists entirely of single-player action. There is ...

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Exploring The Top 10 Best Games For Killing Time

When you sit back and think about video games, you likely recall your childhood days of sitting in your rooming and gaming for hours on end. Video games can be immensely fun and they’ll provide you with an escape from reality. If you’re looking for games that will kill time, you’ve come to the right place. The top 10 time ...

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Top Tech Gadgets that are Changing the Way We Live, Work and Play Today


Technology is constantly evolving and has led to the creation of gadgets that have made it very easy to do tasks that were once seen as challenging, time-consuming or even impossible. When we think of these advances, many of us reflect upon how much inventions like computers, the internet and smartphone technology have increased access to information and simplified processes ...

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Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Where It Needs to Be?

If you are like most companies, you are doing digital marketing in some form. It may be as casual as posting occasional updates to Facebook or as structured as having your digital marketing approach integrated fully with your marketing strategy. Most companies tend to fall in between.  Without an integrated marketing plan, you are missing out on the best practices that directly ...

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House Auctions: How Technology Could Be Changing the Way We View Properties

Technology is changing the way we operate in all parts of life. When it comes to property auctions, this is certainly no different. Many auction houses are looking at how we can bring the property buying experience into the 21st century. Some of these ways involve mobile phone experiences that could even make physical estate agents obsolete thanks to new ...

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