What Exactly Does Poor Network Performance Look Like?


If you own a business with multiple employees that are all using a computer network, you may realize that, at certain times, it’s not going to function properly. There are certain problems that you may face, depending upon the set up, and also the hardware that you are using. It also depends on the Internet connection that you have, and how it is distributed, throughout your entire network. Let’s look at an overview of what a poor network performance will look like if you have a large or small computer network at your facility.

Lapse In Speed

If your network is not performing properly,this may look like everything is slowing down. This will not just be on one computer station, but it could affect the entire network all at once. Instead of assuming that it is a DDoS attack, it could be something much more simple. There could be one individual that is downloading or uploading a substantial amount of information because of the project they are working on, and this can compromise the entire system.

The Appearance Of Malware

Malware is one of the most prominent problems that people have today. These are tiny software programs, ones that are activated, in most cases, by people clicking on something in their email. It is typically in the form of an attachment. People will click on it thinking that it is a legitimate document. What it is really is a computer software program that can only be activated when someone clicks on the image in the email. Malware will not only slow down your entire system, but it may cause it to stop altogether. It just depends on what the software is going to do. You will have to install malware detection software to make sure that if you do have a problem it is able to neutralize the malware before it can do damage.

Using Older Equipment

Another problem that many companies have is using outdated equipment. In the realm of Internet marketing, and also in computers, that could mean that your system is only four years old. That is how fast computer technology is changing. What was once advanced, just a year later, will seem to be obsolete. You may want to consider upgrading your computers, or at the very least, upgrading the amount of RAM that your network has access to.

Not Enough Bandwidth

The cost of bandwidth can be very expensive. That’s why some businesses will opt for only small to medium-sized plans. Some business owners do this so that their employees are not downloading movies while they are working. However, if your plan is too small, it’s going to make it difficult for your workers to get their jobs done. If a lot of their work has to do with research online, if they are having to wait for a website to load for two or three minutes, this can compromise their ability to complete their projects.

Bad Network Configuration

When you have a network of computers, they need to be hooked up in a certain way. Without this being done right, you could end up with a substantial amount of congestion. This will not be related to the Internet, or the capabilities of your computer. It will be in the design of the network itself. Poor network performance can be resolved by having an IT professional come into diagnose the problem, and eventually restructure your network so that it is much faster.

Speed Mismatch Problems

Similar to not having enough bandwidth, if you have most or all of your workers trying to access the Internet at the same time, this can put a strain on all of your systems. When you are connected to a network, you are often sharing bandwidth, RAM, and other parts of the computer system. By expanding this system, or increasing the amount of RAM and Internet that is available, you can avoid this altogether. If it is something more complex, such as a network misconfiguration, then that will need to be done to prevent this from happening.

Design Problems Related To Traffic

Another reason that you may have a slow network is that the design is riddled with problems. It’s not just about the configuration. It’s usually a combination of using new computers with old computers, and also having your workers access the Internet at the same time. The CPUs will not be able to keep up, and the network will be compromised by not having the same computer systems. You will either have to upgrade or downgrade the PCs you are using in order to fix this problem which is quite common in most offices today.

The Appearance Of A Virus Or Spyware

A virus is nothing more than a specific type of malware. Viruses can take down entire computer networks. It is also possible that you may have spyware on your network, monitoring everything that you are doing. This is going to take up a lot of the power of the CPUs in your network.Just like malware, you need to have software that can detect all of these invading software programs. By ensuring that they can be found in quarantined regularly, you won’t have to worry about these malicious programs taking down your system.

In conclusion, poor network performance will simply look like your entire network is slow and not functioning properly. People will not be able to get on the Internet easily, or at all, and the speed at which the computers run will be decidedly slow. All of the reasons above can contribute to why you are having these problems. By following those suggestions from www.path.net/network-performance-monitoring/, you can quickly improve your entire network, allowing your workers to have abetter platform by which to do their jobs. If you have the money to do so, you should hire an IT professional to come in to examine your entire system. Whether they fix certain problems, or rebuild everything from scratch, this is going to be very beneficial for your company.

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