Speedify Review – Let’s Look at Speedify VPN in Details

Speedify VPN review by GearFuse

Having a fast, secure and reliable Internet connection nowadays is as important as having electricity, wouldn’t you agree? Whether it is to have a video call, stream your favourite movie, watch Youtube or play multiplayer games, a quality connection is at the core.

In this article we’ll talk about a service that focuses on providing a secure and fast connection – Speedify.

What is Speedify

Speedify is a cloud-based service devoted to boosting, combining and improving your Internet connection. In order to do that, it combines a multitude of different connections available near you, whether Ethernet, mobile or WiFi. That way, Speedify optimizes the connection you get from your ISP.

On the other hand, it ensures secure and anonymous surfing and browsing experience by providing VPN as well. Two birds with one stone.

What is a VPN and why use a VPN

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network and basically lets you surf the web privately and securely. It does that by taking your connection through one or more servers before it reaches you, thus hiding your location and keeping your private and browsing information safe.

A VPN service also encrypts your data straight from your computer or phone, even before it goes through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or if you’re somewhere in public – through the WiFi connections in a hotel or a coffee shop.

That way, any website or application that receives your data receives it encrypted by the VPN and not from you, making your location and other personal info about you much harder to gather.

There is a lot more to know about VPNs, but the basics are all you need for now. Let’s dive back in reviewing Speedify and finding out whether it is the service you need.

Speedify Review – Is it the Best VPN for PC and Android

Established in 2014, Speedify is a part of the brand family of Connectify, Inc, company located in Philadelphia, PA, which supports an open and free Internet for all.

According to them, Speedify is “a new kind of VPN. It combines Wi-Fi and Cellular into one super reliable, super secure mega-connection.

A pretty bold statement which we’ll put to the test in this Speedify review article.

Is Speedify suitable for me

Speedify is suitable for personal use, families, work teams as well as enterprises. It provides different packages depending on your needs.

Whether you seek to protect your personal data, improve speed for streaming or multiplayer gaming or to access various services unavailable for your location, Speedify can offer you all of that.

Main features of Speedify

Speedify provides a complete set of features needed for a secure and fast Internet experience

  • Combines multiple connections in order to maximize Internet speed;
  • Provides VPN by encrypting your connection thus securing it;
  • Available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux and Android;
  • Provides servers in more than 80 countries (plus more than 30 dedicated speed servers);
  • In order to test it before purchasing, you get 5GB free per month, which is enough to find out if it suits your needs;
  • Claims to be the fastest VPN in 2019, by plugging more than 10 connections at once.

You should have in mind that Speedify and the other software services Connectify, Inc offers are U.S.-based, and having in mind the constant regulation changes and the desire of the US Government to have more access to the data running through ISPs, that may compromise the integrity of any VPN provider.

And here are a few more technical specs of Speedify, for those who like to dig deeper:

  • Offers virtual and dedicated IPs plus P2P traffic through its Dutch servers;
  • Automatic failover plus Packet loss & error correction;
  • ‘Dead hotspot protection’ – with the help of Speedify, your device will intelligently connect to other available connections when one connection turns bad;
  • As the company supports free and secure Internet, it provides unlimited monthly downloads;
  • DNS leak protection, crash reports as well as Internet Kill Switch.

Is Speedify Safe? Security and privacy features of Speedify

In order to provide safe and secure Internet browsing, Speedify’s VPN is equipped with a ChaCha cypher backed by an RFC 7539 Standard as well as a DTLS by RFC 7905. You should know that those standards improve security but reduce Internet speed, therefore if you want to use Speedify as a speed booster and not so much as a VPN, you should turn those features off.

The DTLS technology provides security on the same level as the security provided by HTTPS (SSL certificate) for websites such as Facebook, Apple and Gmail.

Another security feature that Speedify offers for its Windows users is the ‘Super Secure Mode’ which stops Windows from sending any DNS requests, eliminating any leakage of DNS from Windows to your local networks. Isn’t that cool?

Speedify Interface – Simple and Intuitive

Speedify comes with a grey-blue background and minimalistic, clean interface. It takes little space on your desktop and all you need to do is turn on one button to encrypt and speed up your connection.

You can easily choose the server location and the type of encryption you use. There are over 80 countries available, with multiple servers in the bigger cities.

Depending on how many Internet connections you have at your disposal (WiFi, Ethernet and cellular) you’ll see each appear with a different icon on the top.

On the bottom, there are 3 sections showing information about your current speed and connection quality:

  • Speed graph (in Mbps);
  • Data usage breakdown (daily or monthly);
  • Connection quality (latency and loss).

Speedify support and customer services

Currently, Speedify offers a ticket system where you can send messages about your issue or simply attach screenshots or other files. Hopefully they will implement a live chat option in the near future as well.

Premium packages and pricing

Speedify provides a few packages, starting from

  • An individual one for $8.99 per month;
  • Family plan for $14.95 per month;
  • Team package starting from $8.99 per user per month;
  • Custom enterprise plans as well as possibility for dedicated server for $120 per month.

Speedify moreover offers a 30-day money back guarantee for those who change.

The difference between a single-user Team plan and an Individual plan is the possibility to add dedicated server to the Team plan.

Conclusion – should you get Speedify

Speedify is the right choice for anyone who wishes to optimize their ISP connection and securely use Internet. By providing a free 5GB per month plan, anyone can test their services before choosing to pay for a premium package. With an easy-to-use interface, latest encryption standards as well as the unique connection bonding feature, Speedify is a must-have for anyone who values their privacy and enjoys fast Internet.

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