How to Introduce Yourself on Instagram

Instagram is currently the best social media platform to express yourself. More and more people are turning to Instagram because they want to be heard out. So many influencers are born every day, thanks to this platform. If you have something unique and you want people to know about you. So here we are to help you on how to introduce yourself on Instagram. Try out expressing yourself on Instagram.

Steps To Introduce Yourself on Instagram

Here are a few steps in which you can introduce yourself on Instagram:

Upload a Good Profile Photo

As you begin your Instagram journey, you need to start posting because Instagram is all about posting pictures and stories on your account. So, the first thing you need to do is add a good profile picture to your account.

Complete Your Instagram Bio

Write a short and crisp Instagram bio on the top section of your account. This could contain very basic information about yourself, where you stay, or how old you are. You may even mention one or two inspiring quotes that you like here.

Craft Your Introductory Post

This is your first post on Instagram, so make sure it is a memorable one. Generally, the first posts contain an excellent introductory selfie and a welcoming caption.

Write Compelling Copy

You may even introduce your family member, a pet, or post about anything you like because this is your space, and you can do whatever you want with it.

Add Image or Video to Introduce Yourself 

You can add any of your favorite images or make an introductory video so that people you may know would be able to find you easily on Instagram.

Add Relevant Hashtags To Reach Your Potential Followers

Now that you have created your account and updated your profile with images, you may start posting on your account with hashtags, as these hashtags can help you gain popularity and increase your followers.

Instagram Personal Introduction Post Ideas

1. Your hobby

So you have quite a few followers, but they don’t really know you. Share an image of what you do during your free time. You can be a Zumba dancer or a guitarist. You could share a little about your activity and see how many people take an interest.

2. Share what you love

We all have something that we really love and want to share our emotions with people. It can be a pizza, a bicycle, the latest cellphone, and so on. Share an image of what it is or how you use it to express your attachment. Most people relate to such emotions.

Instagram love

3. You look up to

We all have people that inspire us and who we learn a lot from. If it is someone famous, you might share a mutual feeling with one of your followers. Post about people who give you strength, inspire you and make you a better person. People like motivational posts and relate to them too.

4. Spread art

There is creativity all over social media. If you love art and come across the post that you want to share, simply ‘Repost’ it for others too. You might find someone like it just the way you did and they will follow you more for such posts.

5. Memories

There is at least one ‘throwback’ image we all get to see on social media every day. You can post a memory that was funny or embarrassing, and see how people react to it. The people who navigate to you with the help of Insta Follow Fast will surely find you funny and entertaining.

Instagram follower

6. Show them your pets

Social media is flooded with posts of cats and dogs all the time. There are so many profiles of pet animals that have more than a million followers and likes. You too should share about your pet or love for animals. There is something positive about people who support petting or love animals.

7. Express your personality

Posts that express who you are or why you are in a certain way can help people know you better. You can talk about what you’re life has gone through to make you who you are. You never know, your story might be relatable to some of your followers who pour you with likes.

8. Unusual things

If you find something unusual that people haven’t seen or known about, you can bring in plenty of shares. It can also be something you found from your storeroom, which used to trend 20 years from now. Making people nostalgic or showing them something unique builds interest.

9. Motivate yourself

There are a lot of motivational posts on social media that make people happy. There is so much depression all across the globe that people look for positivity. Motivational posts are extremely positive and can help someone trying to fight depression.

10. Talents

We all come across posts from Tik Tok and Smule. You might have raw talent to share instead. If you sketch well, you can make portraits and share them. Tag celebrities after making their sketches and use hashtags that can make the post trend. Sharing your talent on Instagram might get you direct business along with followers and likes.

Example of How To Introduce Yourself on Instagram

This is what an Introductory post looks like on Instagram:

Instagram Introductory post


Instagram Business Introduction Post Ideas

Here are some of the Instagram Business Post ideas to share and promote your business through this online medium:

Your business story

business story on Instagram

In this post, you are telling the other users about your experience when you started your business, what motivated you with the idea, how you came up with the concept to get started, or your ambition or dream.

You can post some of your pictures like:


You are at work, at your studio, or in your element

A time lapse of you working on your project.

a photograph of your completed product

Problem and solution

Have you started your company to address a problem? Which one, if any, is it?

Write about the issue and how you plan to help (the solution).

Your uniqueness

You should also be posting about:

What distinguishes you from others?

What sets you apart from others in your field?

What makes your product or service unique?

Create a Reels using these facts or write about it in your caption.


Are you planning to release a product or introduce a service? But you can still start posting on Instagram right away!

Create a countdown to increase excitement. You can give the viewers a sneak peek. A sneak peek could be a single photo with a hidden hint or a series of pictures with a hidden clue.


You may even create your own game to make your account much more exciting and engaging!

Here are some of the Instagram game concepts:

Hide and Seek: Have your followers search your snapshot for a hidden clue (s).

Anagram: Instruct your followers to look for letters in each post. Each letter will be combined to make a word. This phrase might indicate the name of your new product or a secret password that will provide them early access to your online store.

Here are some caption suggestions for a sequence of images revealing your new product:

Can you figure out what’s on the way?

In this photo, who can spot the new product?


How to introduce yourself on Instagram stories?

You may post a selfie on your stories with just a ‘Hi’ or record a 2-3 minute video on your camera and display your mood to the audience. If you don’t feel comfortable with the video, you can write about yourself and upload it to your Story.

How to introduce yourself on your Instagram bio?

You can describe yourself and what you do via your Instagram bio. Use particular terms to target your specialized audience. You may even give your fans extra opportunities to contact you and make your personality known to increase followers.

How to introduce your Instagram Business page?

There are a few options for introducing yourself on Instagram.

Whatever you sell, sell it. Always add a link to your blog or website in your signature line while conversing online. You should make the most of your surroundings and organize a Hashtag chat through which you can engage with your audience. Ask And Answer!

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