5 Instagram Ad Rules for Every Startup


If there is a social media platform that is gaining immense popularity apart from Facebook, it has to be Instagram. Businesses that use it for marketing are expected to grow to more than a 70 percent in this coming year, with currently about 600 million users, on a monthly basis.

So, this maybe a good platform for new business, small businesses and startups to invest some time in advertising their products and services through Instagram. There are a wide range of options that businesses can use to target audience of the right kind. Here are some tips that could be used to manage an Instagram campaign effectively to attract more customers. Read along:

(1) When you scroll down your Instagram newsfeed, you will see some posts that are titled as “sponsored” which are interspersed in between the photos. These sponsored ads can be of your businesses, when someone clicks on these ads, the link can directly take them to your webpage. You can also provide them with more options like Learn More, Shop Now or Sign Up.

(2) Before you start your marketing campaign on Instagram, you need to understand the different types of Instagram advertising that you might want to use. There are carousel (which are ads with 2 or more images or videos that can be scrolled), single images, single video or a slideshow.

(3) Sometimes users tend to dismiss ads, so it is important that your ad looks like images that people post typically. This way your ad won’t go unnoticed. Also, your ad should be posted at a well targeted time as per your target audiences and their mannerisms. For example, if you are a fitness related business, you might want to focus on the younger audience, especially during the New Year time, when people are making resolutions about losing weight. Correct timing is very important.

(4) Now, if we consider the same ad mentioned above in the example, what else could the marketing team do to grab more attention? They could offer to the user an option to sign up for free Yoga or Aerobics class. This will increase the probability of them landing on your webpage.

(5) When you are going in for a sideshow ad, it is important to make sure all the photos are not placed sloppily, and placed in a systematic manner that drags attention.

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