Customer Software Development to the Rescue

Given the scope of custom application development services, it is not hard to see why many successful enterprises outsource this side of the business to knowledgeable professionals. This frees up time and makes the enterprise more productive, while they still receive a best in class customer facing application. There is a right way to develop applications and a wrong way, and for ...

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5 Benefits of Cloud-Based LMS

While cloud computing is as old as the advent of the internet, companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google really brought the terminology to consumers. Ever since then, cloud computing has become the new norm. As a result, incorporating cloud computing into Learning Management Systems (LMSs) has been an important revolution for online training. The development of cloud-based LMS platform allowed ...

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Trends In Android Application Development In 2022

Android outperforms all other operating systems when it concerns app creation. Android controls seventy-three percent (73%) of the market share, according to Statista. As a result, building an application for the Android platform should come first. Some operating systems, on the other hand, are also crucial. Since amid Covid-19 large number of consumer behaviors and buying patterns have changed towards ...

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How to Take Professional Photos for Social Media Content Using a Smartphone Camera

Take Professional Photos

We share the secrets of taking great photos with your smartphone. Posting content to social media isn’t only entertainment today. It’s also an excellent way for brands to stay connected with their audience. To create engaging social media content, people use smartphones more and more often. As a rule, being smaller and cheaper than professional cameras, smartphones can take pictures ...

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Email Spambots: What Are They and How to Prevent Them?

Email Spambots

Have you ever wanted to simply check your email in peace, but found yourself deleting unnecessary emails from random accounts instead? If your answer was yes, chances are that you were another victim of an email spam bot.  While spambots exploit various websites and their users using a lot of different channels, such as social media, email is one of the ...

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Sophos Vs. Avast: Which One is Better?

Sophos Vs Avast

Over the past year, the world has gotten more comfortable with maintaining a steady online presence. From attending countless Zoom meetings to watching friends getting married on Youtube, we’ve all become best friends with our electronic devices.  In 2021, the average person spends almost three hours a day on social media, not including time spent working at a PC. Over ...

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5 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives in 2020

Photoshop Alternatives

Adobe Photoshop has been around for nearly two decades now. It is practically the best tool to edit and enhance images. And also has become a household name. However, it comes at a cost. The cracked versions are not worth a try. Too much malware. In this post, I have shared a few free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. Also, read ...

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How to Keep Your iPhone Safe and Secure

As good as the in-built security features of Apple are, your iPhone is always vulnerable to threats like Wi-Fi interference, Crypto Hacking attacks, Data Leaks, and Phishing. A study reveals that in Britain, iPhone users are 167 times more at risk of being hacked than other mobile brands.  A security firm called Case24 did this study by calculating the number ...

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Which is the Best Internet Browser for Android

I am guessing you have tried several internet browsers on your Android smartphone and are disappointed with what they have to offer? Generally, an Android phone comes with a default internet browser (developed and maintained by the maker of the phone) and Google Chrome for its company. Google Chrome is one of the best browsers in general but you wish ...

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