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The music universe Audials Music Zoom is a freeware for Windows PCs that visualizes music from 3,000,000 artists. The meta search engine shows all artists on one global music map, based on similarity and enables you to listen to all songs and entire discographies of all singers from streaming portals like YouTube, Soundcloud, Veoh, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Musicians’ names and images are displayed in a size corresponding to their popularity. While zooming in, you discover even more artists and bands. Move to the right or left to explore adjacent genres from more than 1,000 displayed in total. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the world’s most extensive music map is formed.

Audials Music Zoom is an innovative way for discovering well knows and new music based on favorite genres or finding all artists that match your taste by typing in specific names in the search bar. By clicking on any artist, the complete discography will appear and each track can then be played in the best available version.

The company behind Music Zoom, Audials AG, has been dealing with providing legal access to music from the internet since more than a decade. The company offers sought-after solutions and has received awards for its Windows software several times. The flagship Audials One is a legal recorder for capturing, converting and managing audio and video streaming. With the generation2018, Audials introduced, among other things, the automatic batch recorder for movies, the dashboard and of course Music Zoom.

Music Zoom is part of Audials One and allows users to record individual songs and entire discographies of all their favorite artists as MP3 in one click compared to the freeware and save them with automatically added ID3 tags, cover art and lyrics. However, the company also offers music enjoyment with the Audials Radio apps that gives you access to 360,000 Web radio stations and podcasts on the smartphone and tablet for the operating systems iOS, Android and Windows.

Start exploring the music universe today by downloading and installing Audials Music Zoomfree of charge and without registering on:

Microsoft App Store

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