Why a VPN Is Necessary Every Time You Are Online?

In the modern era of today, privacy and security are two essential things every web user should possess at all times. When you browse through the web, making use of a virtual private network, you can be safely assured that your activities online are guaranteed fully secure and private. So what exactly does a VPN do and why is it necessary every time you are online are common questions many web surfers may ponder upon. Let’s take an up close and personal look at the significance of a VPN whenever you make use of the internet. 

Using Social Media, Video Calling, Web surfing and other online activities – and The Inevitability of VPN

When you’re online, you’re bound to use a number of resources. From social media apps and video calls to web surfing on your favorite sites, you name it and you’ve got it. The internet is sure to get you entertained and connected in one way or the other. We all are guilty of using the internet like there’s no tomorrow. With that being said, have you ever wondered how secure and anonymous you actually are while using such basic features? The majority of the population would answer that as a no! This is where your VPN or virtual private network steps in.

Having your location and IP address masked is so important on platforms like these. It’s here where people are watching your next move, waiting to take advantage and misuse your personal details, pictures, contacts, bank account information and much more. If you are not ready to risk all this, a VPN is an absolute necessity for online activities like these.

Oh we forgot to mention an added benefit of using a VPN for these sorts of activities is that you don’t have to worry about blocked social media websites anymore. You can browse and socialize with the ultimate ease.

The Chief advantages of using a VPN when you are online

From cinemas and libraries to your local coffee shop, you never know who you are surrounded by. Being online in an unprotected environment is a huge risk for users browsing through the internet. Let’s take a quick glance at the benefits a VPN can provide to all its World Wide Web users.

Masking of IP address

Different websites are run by different individuals. The last thing you would ever want is your IP address to be visible to the general public. This can lead to misuse and even give hackers a chance to view all your personal details. With your VPN service at hand, these worries are done and dusted.

Bypassing Geo Blocks

As we mentioned before, certain websites are restricted to the general public. This could be for security reasons and protocols that are part of the law establishments in different countries. Using a VPN can help to bypass these Geo Blocks, giving you the convenience you need while surfing the web.

Security Features

Keeping your activity hidden on the web is so crucial in today’s day and age. This is especially important when you are making use of public Wi-Fi. Popular spots include coffee shops, airports, and schools. Saying yes to public Wi-Fi may seem great for a number of reasons, but you need to be aware of its dangers. This is because you are on the verge of saying yes to sharing a network with a group of strangers you’ve never met. If one of those strangers wanted to in particular get a hold of your personal details and misuse them, they could easily do so.

With a VPN however, your internet traffic is totally encrypted. This means if anyone were to view your internet traffic, they could only view the encryption provided by the VPN service provider. In simple words, no one would be aware of what you are up to online.

Privacy Features

With subscription to a VPN service provider, you are guaranteed of being anonymous online. Be it downloading your favorite television shows on Torrent or gaining access to certain websites, it’s always an added benefit of being anonymous. You may not realize the consequences this can have in the long run. Be it Government organizations, giants like Facebook and Google or your local internet service provider, your online activity is recorded as well as tracked.

The end result is these organizations building huge troves of data that can be used to target and profile certain individuals for personal misuse, commercial reasons or other local benign reasons. With the benefit of an encrypted network through a VPN, the dangers of being tracked are minimal.

With the great benefit of data passing through an encrypted tunnel, it comes as no surprise that users today are switching to VPN connectivity when being online. After all, you’re better safe than sorry when it comes to the dangers of an unencrypted network.

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