The Run game and Run 3

Run is a deceiving title, because this game isn’t about running. It’s about wall-climbing, leaping, and ceiling-jogging across the universe. Run 3 tells the story of an alien who is on a mission to return home. And she needs your interstellar moves to get there.

Explore Mode
Explore is the main gameplay mode, which consists entirely of single-player action. There is no scoreboard, but there is a map of the galaxy. The ever-expanding piece of paper will guide you from one orbiting tunnel to another. You must complete each new level to unlock the next one. Totally new areas of the galaxy will appear as you advance. Each one has different colors, bonuses, and modifiers that affect your every move. There are also comic strips and hidden animated shorts along the way. It’s an exciting, wild ride.

Infinite Mode
Infinite is the type of mode we’ve seen in many endless runners. Players seek to travel farthest and set distance records. There aren’t individual levels. Instead, you’ll play on a series of randomly generated, truly infinite tunnels. Infinite mode is much harder than Explore, because the difficulty level is fully random. You might go 50 meters during your first try and only 5 meters on your tenth. The more you play Run 3, the better you’ll get. But, the randomly generated levels can still be very hard to conquer.

Unlockable Mods
Run 3 is filled with unlockable characters and gameplay mods. The Skater from Run 2 is back. There’s also the Lizard, Child, and Student. The latter can execute gravity-defying stunts to go farther without falling. One of the most skilled characters is the Pastafarian. The one-eyed mystic can run where others cannot: the ominous void of space.

Run 3 also includes an unlockable level editor, which is a completely comprehensive creation tool. The learning curve might be steep for younger players, because the level editor offers seemingly endless possibilities. If you put in enough time, you can create levels that rival the most complex and challenging pre-made tunnels.

A Bit of History: Run
As you might’ve assumed, Run 3 is the third entry in the Run series. Throughout three games and several years of development, the core gameplay hasn’t changed much. The original Run includes Adventure (like Run 3’s Explore) and a matching Infinite mode. There is also a level editor in the first Run, although it is quite basic compared to the latest version. Nonetheless, Run is a highly satisfying game. It tells a similar tale of Runner venturing through the galaxy. You can still run on walls and ceilings; there just aren’t as many variations among the levels.

The Evolution
On the surface, not a lot has changed from Run to Run 3. The most recent version is a highly developed, tweaked, and smooth game. It’s not terribly different than the title that started the whole series. It just has more—more levels, more characters, and more pockets of the galaxy to explore. Whether you play Run 3 or the original, you’ll certainly have fun.

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