Safety Tips for Using Online Dating Sites for Armenian Women

online dating websites

Using dating sites have become quite common. In fact, dating sites are now taking the traditional role of matchmaking played by parents or community leaders.  There are dating sites like OkCupid where you can potentially meet hundreds of people. But some people prefer dating sites that cater to a specific country or culture, like Armenian. Most people prefer to marry within their own religion, ethnicity, or community, so this is understandable. As it is with anything online, you should be careful when visiting such sites. Here are several tips for staying safe online when visiting Armenian dating websites:

Use a Reputable Website

Don’t use just any website that advertises dating with Armenian women. You should use a reputable website with stellar reviews. Ask other people in the community what sites they trust the most. If you have friends or family who have found their Armenian loves online, ask them about the sites they used. Do spend some time online reading reviews, both good and bad, for the websites. Reputable sites are careful with the personal information you provide. You can trust these sites not to sell out your sensitive data. More importantly, you should be able to trust that the people you meet on the site are in fact Armenian.

Chat First, then Talk on the Phone

If you like someone’s profile you see on a site, you can start chatting. Chat first to get to know the other person, and if you think you can get serious, you should move the conversation to the phone. Start talking a lot before you meet in person in real life for safety reasons. You can also try speaking face to face on Skype. You should probably understand the other person somewhat before you commit to a real life date.

Don’t Provide Your Personal Information

Don’t be too eager to provide your personal information like full name, birth date, and home address. In fact, you shouldn’t provide such information at all online. If you meet the person in real life and you two get along well, then you can divulge personal information. There are plenty of cat fishers and scammers online, so a person can never be too careful. Don’t get carried away in your conversations and forget the basic safety rules.

Be Specific about the Questions You Ask

Considering that you want to date an Armenian lady, you might want to know more about how you two approach culture. You can discuss things like religion and history, if needed. Asking probing cultural questions is a good way to know that the other person is actually Armenian. Anyone can be a poser, so if culture is very important, quiz the other person on the attitudes and knowledge. But do so in a respectful manner.

Is the Other Person Polite and Respectful?

When you chat online, you may allow certain rude actions to pass. But if you are looking for a potential date, you might not want to date a rude or a cruel person. So don’t continue conversations with people who are not polite online.

The above are just basic safety tips to follow when trying to find the Armenian love of your life. Stick to them and you will be able to accomplish your goal without getting hacked or blackmailed.

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